upcycled succulent planter

Upcycled Succulent Planter

I've recently realized that I love succulents. I know, a little late to that train, right? I wanted to make a cute little container for them and I found the perfect thing to do it with. A flour sifter!This was a super simple DIY. It didn't start out simple, though. It started with a fail. I almost gave up, I was close to throwing in the towel. But I stepped away from the project and came up with something pretty adorable, I think!

diy neck warmer

DIY Neck Warmer

I made these DIY Neck Warmers in about an hour just this evening. We all have that one person in our life who is constantly chilly or achy and a Neck Warmer is the perfect gift for that person. There is nothing as soothing as a hot bag of rice on your shoulders… (Wait, what?) DIY Neck Warmer – A Handmade Gift.

spring front door wreath with felt flowers

Spring Front Door Wreath With Felt Flowers

I think at this point, I can’t even really say that we are having a crappy Spring so far here in New England. Because apparently Spring just is cold and rainy every year now. Then, it’s suddenly summer. To help brighten things up around here, I made a cheerful and unconventional Front Door Wreath with Felt Flowers.

easy art diy painting with resin and acrylics

Easy Art - DIY Painting With Resin and Acrylics

I declared this year the year of the Resin Craft. I kicked off the year by making resin necklaces. What I haven’t told you is that all of these small resin posts are leading up to one big one. You see, I have learned an important crafting lesson. Practice a little before you try the big project. So this week I made some super cool Resin Pour Paintings that I’m going to share with you.

diy painted rocks

DIY Painted Rocks

I have seen so many adorable painted rock projects; I just had to give it a try Guys, I have been painting rocks for days. I had so much fun with this. I started out trying to copy some of the inspiration rocks I found, but eventually, I found a groove and came up with some really unique rocks!

frozen sun catcher

Frozen Sun Catcher

I wrote about a bunch of winter crafts to make in this post about a Hygge Winter and I picked one to make this week! It has been frigidly cold here in the Northeast, so I thought it was a great time to try an Ice Sun Catcher. I had leftover, slightly mushy fruit and a few other bits from the pantry and there isn’t much more that this super simple winter craft calls for!

diy sharpie marbled ornaments

DIY Sharpie Marbled Ornaments

I was in a making kind of mood today and I just so happened to have 20 clear plastic ornaments that I bought on sale at Michaels a few weeks ago. You won't believe what I decided to do with them. I did my old faithful, sharpies and rubbing alcohol to transform them from blah to groovy. Or psychedelic as one enthusiastic viewer described them. Guys, these are so easy, you need five minutes, some sharpies, some rubbing alcohol, q-tips and the clear plastic balls and you would have one gorgeous tree!

diy plaster dipped dollar store flowers

DIY Plaster Dipped Dollar Store Flowers

Hey all! Today I’m going to share with you how I made these DIY Plaster Dipped Dollar Store Flowers. I love how dainty and precious they are and while I haven’t figured out what their final use will be, I love them just as a sweet little decor piece right now. I picked up a few things to *not* do while I was making these, so make sure to follow along carefully!

3 dollar store pumpkin makeovers

3 Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeovers

Have you bought your dollar store pumpkins yet? What are you waiting for?? I have three cute dollar store makeovers for you.

simple fall wreath tutorial under 10

Simple Fall Wreath Tutorial - UNDER $10!

What can you make for less than $10, a coupon and an old shirt? You can make a lot of things, conceivably, however, I took my $10, coupon and old shirt and made a lovely Fall Wreath! In the end, the finished wreath that I have hanging on my door today took less than an hour to make.

Marybeth Santos
Marybeth Santos
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