upcycled doily angel wings ornament

Upcycled Doily Angel Wings Ornament

I love to make a new ornament out of something old for the Christmas tree every year. Then when I get the ornaments out to decorate the tree they trigger memories of Christmases past. Last year I upcycled old road maps to make lovely map heart ornaments (see them here). This year I decided to make some gorgeous angel wings for my tree out of an old doily and some denim.

simple stylish scandinavian christmas tree

Simple Stylish Scandinavian Christmas Tree

Whilst visiting some stylish Scandinavian interiors stores with my friend we spotted some lovely simple Christmas trees. The Christmas trees were a bit beyond our budget and not quite the dimensions that we wanted. We loved the simplicity of these trees like my very popular rustic lampshade wire tree.We went home and made our own version of these simple Scandinavian Christmas trees. The great thing about these trees are that they are easy to assemble, disassemble and store. They can be enjoyed for many more Christmases to come.

upcycled packaging gingerbread garland

Upcycled Packaging Gingerbread Garland

Even though this is a gingerbread garland , unfortunately it's not the edible kind. A bit like the super cute gingerbread man advent calendar I made this year too!I don't know about you, but as a family we get swamped with cardboard packaging this time of the year. Everyone seems to be doing most of their Christmas shopping on Amazon! I decided to reuse some of the Amazon boxes for a fun festive decoration.

repurposed map ornaments

Repurposed Map Ornaments

My neighbours were having a lot of building work done over the summer and, they had a skip(dumpster) outside their house full of lovely bits of scrap wood. I rescued some of this wood and combined it with some old road maps to make some fabulous ornaments for my home.This isn't the first time I've combined maps and wood I made a map printed pallet frame you can see here.

cute diy pinecone christmas tiles

Cute DIY Pinecone Christmas Tiles

Every morning I when I walk my dog, Toby, I pass a tree that shreds the cutest littlest pinecones. I can't help but stop and pick a few up and pocket them.I have used a couple of these pinecones in the past with some cute upcycled Christmas cloches I made (see here). I decided to use these pinecones in a totally different way and make a lovely fall/Christmas decoration for my mantle.

scrap wood custom neon sign

Scrap Wood Custom Neon Sign

My neighbor had a lot of building work done over the summer. There was a constant skip/dumpster in our road. I managed to rescue some chunky bits of wood from this skip. I combined some of it with roadmaps to make some gorgeous map ornaments (see here). But with another piece, I made a cool custom neon sign for my son.

make unique kitchen storage out of an old chair

Make Unique Kitchen Storage Out of an Old Chair.

I have 3 boys and they all have a bad habit of swinging chairs on to 2 legs. Often it ends up with one of them swinging back too far and landing on the floor. Occasionally the strain is just too much for the chair and a leg snaps. Instead of throwing away the latest kitchen chair casualty. I decided to upcycle it into some unique kitchen storage just like I did with my awesome bathroom storage unit (see it here).

colourful upcycled faux leather pen pots

Colourful Upcycled Faux Leather Pen Pots.

The other day I was having a clear out of my wardrobe when I came across a rather boring ugly old white faux leather handbag, I don't even remember having. Instead of throwing it out I decided to save it and use it for a fun upcycle. I was going to turn it into something bright and colourful for my desk.

unique fall mason jars with pinecones

Unique Fall Mason Jars With Pinecones

Every morning I walk my dog in the local park and stop at the Kiosk for a cup of coffee (they give out free dog biscuits). There is a pine tree next to the kiosk with the cutest little pinecones. I just can't help popping a few of the pinecones in my pocket. I decided to use some of the pinecones for a fun fall Mason jar upcycle. I love upcycling Mason jars and made some gorgeous Map Mason jar banks (see here) before, that was very popular.

gorgeous colourful upcycled giant tassels for the home

Gorgeous Colourful Upcycled Giant Tassels for the Home

These aren't any old tassels, well they are actually as they are made from scraps of old jeans. ( I have a thing about upcycling denim you can see all my creations here). With the way, I make these tassels, unlike other tassels you won't get any loose threads they are very robust. Tassels are everywhere at the moment. They are on bags, shoes, round the home on lamps, cushions, and rugs. They are the new pom poms. I'm a bit of a sucker for household trends especially when they are a bit whimsical. You can use my tutorial to make denim tassels of any size.

Claire at Pillarboxblue
Claire at Pillarboxblue
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