rustic wood home sign with a eucalyptus wreath

Rustic Wood "HOME" Sign With a Eucalyptus Wreath

One of my Fall projects this year was to do a mini-makeover of my living room to give it some warmth and character. In my last post, I shared the DIY Weathered White Wood Plank wall that I put up. After the plank wall went up, we decided to hang the TV on the wall to give us more space in our living room. But, since the ceiling in that room is vaulted, I had to have something above the TV to add to the rustic charm and to avoid a large blank wood panel wall. I decided to create a DIY rustic wood HOME sign with a eucalyptus wreath for the letter “o”.

diy weathered white wood plank wall

DIY Weathered White Wood Plank Wall

I am SO loving wood planked walls right now! A couple of months ago, I put up a weathered grey wood plank wall in my laundry room as part of my laundry room mini-makeover. I really liked how that wall turned out, so, I decided to do another wall in my home. This time, I chose my family room as the recipient of a beautiful planked wall.

diy rustic wood and metal family photo frame

DIY Rustic Wood and Metal Family Photo Frame

I had purchased some corrugated metal letters from Hobby Lobby a while ago and decided to use them to create a rustic "family" sign that was also a photo display frame.

diy shopping bag hanger and sign

DIY Shopping Bag Hanger and Sign

Here in California, we are encouraged to bring our own shopping bags to the grocery store (we have to pay 10 cents per bag for any plastic bag that we use from the store). I have no problems with this as it helps to keep more plastic out of our landfills and out of our environment. But what I do have an issue with is remembering to bring my reusable shopping bags with me when I go to the store! I usually just end up putting the items back into my cart after purchase and then having to load them in my car item by item. (You'd think that after more than two years of having this law in place, I'd start remembering my reusable bags, but nope! My brain fails me every time!) To help me remember, I decided to create a DIY Shopping Bag Hanger and Sign that is right next to my door to the garage so I see them anytime I leave the house.

diy floating wood shelf laundry room

DIY Floating Wood Shelf - Laundry Room

If you saw my last post, you'll know that I did a mini-makeover of my laundry room over the last couple of weekends. First on that project was a DIY Weathered Wood Plank Wall that I put up behind the washer and dryer. Second on that project list was to build a floating shelf above the washer and dryer to add some storage space.

weathered wood plank wall laundry room

Weathered Wood Plank Wall - Laundry Room

Over the course of the last two weekends, I gave my laundry room a mini-makeover. The room had been painted a flat off-white paint, and with our linoleum floors, plain brown wood doors and trim, and formica counters and sink, the room definitely needed a little pizzaz. We aren't ready to update the floors, doors, counters or sink yet, since those are all higher priced items and we'll replace those items as part of a larger kitchen remodel sometimes in the future when we have the time and funds, but I did make some smaller changes to update the look of the room. The first step in the makeover was to add a weathered wood plank wall behind my washer and dryer.

diy multi color planter

DIY Multi-color Planter

Another planter project to share! This one was a gift for my mom on Mother's Day and I love how it turned out!

diy large farmhouse planter

DIY Large Farmhouse Planter

I have a pygmy date palm that is outgrowing the cheap planter that I had it in so my project for last weekend was to design a build a new planter for my cute little palm tree. Below is an abbreviated description of how I built this planter, for full building instructions and more detailed pictures, visit my blog at the link at the bottom of this post.

diy wall sconce with a shelf

DIY Wall Sconce With a Shelf

Before Christmas, I built this large farmhouse clock to hang on my dining room wall. The clock looked great, but since it was the only thing on the wall, the wall still looked plain. So I decided to build two DIY Wall Sconces with a Shelf built in, one for each side of the large clock.

diy farmhouse style photo display and shelf

DIY Farmhouse-style Photo Display and Shelf

I have been wanting to create a cute DIY photo frame and shelf to display my daughter’s most recent school picture and since I am in between big projects, now was the perfect time to make one. This is a very quick and easy project that adds some farmhouse charm to your wall.Here are the abbreviated instructions for building this photo display frame and shelf. For a full tutorial, please visit my blog at the link at the bottom of this page.

Pinspired to DIY
Pinspired to DIY
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