secret wood ring making, turquoise resin and walnut ring

Secret Wood Ring Making

There has been a great deal of popularity with wood and resin rings. I wanted to make my own. It's incredibly satisfying to make. The neat thing is, the project is functional and sort of easy. Check out the video for inspiration and check out how I made it!

first love wall art, First Love Wall Art Finished

First Love Wall Art

This is a Wall Art piece called "First Love". This is a great project with lots of shabby Chic, Country and sweet vibes. A boy handing flowers to the girl he is falling for. Let's show you how to make it. If you'd like to hear the story of my first love, check out the video. It has both my personal story and all the steps of how I made this wall art decor piece.

natural jewelry display stand, Natural Jewelry Stand

Natural Jewelry Display Stand

I made a jewelry display stand that can sit on a dresser or desk. It's really sweet and Zen looking. I'll show you how I make it...I had some branches and trunks sitting outside drying for a year. I kept these because the trees I trimmed are native to my area. I just thought that I'd make something nice from them one day. Check out the video of me making this piece at the bottom of this post...

how to stain wood it s easy for beginners, Stain Samples

How to Stain Wood (It's Easy, for Beginners)

This is a really great technique you can use to add a splash of color to your wood projects. If you're already working with pine, you know it's the most inexpensive lumber you can use. Well, I'll show you how easy it is to make your work, decor and patio crafts pop with stains. Check out the video for inspiration and read on.

a fun diy bottle opener to make, diy bottle opener

A Fun Diy Bottle Opener to Make

This is really a fun and easy wood project. That said. there is a fair amount of shaping and sanding involved....but so cool! So let's make this primitive looking bottle opener...I'll show you

rooster wall art country, Rooster Wall Art

Rooster Wall Art (Country)

Here's a great woodworking project that's lot's of fun. It's very country and will look great with lot's of Shabby character!

primitive little keepsake box, finished box

Primitive Little Keepsake Box

I made a primitive little keepsake box. It's made from pine. I really distressed the wood here. It's acute little curious looking thing. Let me show you how I made it. Oh this box was made for a woodworking challenge I was involved in. Check out the video to see the process, I think you'll find it interesting.

shabby chic cabinet blue and

Shabby Chic Cabinet, Blue and Distressed

Here is a beautiful little cabinet I made. I saw a similar design while walking the mall one day. It was so striking to me that it stayed in the back of my mind. So I eventually got around to it. I really love how it came out. Check out the video for inspiration and ideas...

my farmhouse table, Farmhouse Table

My Farmhouse Table

I was commissioned to build a farmhouse table from scratch. The customer sent me a photo and said "I want this table" I said, "just like that?" They said "yeah" So I went to at it...

woman s shoe cabinet with a secret, Women s Shoe Cabinet with Secret Compartment

Woman's Shoe Cabinet With a Secret!!!

I was asked to make a Shoe Cabinet for a wedding anniversary. They wanted a lot of storage space and something extra. Well? You know those shoe cabinets from IKEA? The ones where the drawers fold out and down? That's what they wanted. Plus a secret compartment for valuables. Check out the video I made for the finished project (it's a promo). I also wrote the music for the video. Is it way over the top maybe? Let me know...

Escagedo Woodworking
Escagedo Woodworking
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