How to put the wooden flooring??

can be done on the preexisting floor carpet?

Ugly view from balcony

I live in a complex which has this ugly view from the balcony.
There are a couple of reasons that pose a problem why it can not be covered up.
1. It is very windy, so
... See more
q ugly view from balcony, container gardening, curb appeal, gardening, porches

Plant question

I got this small "tree", the tag says Duranta Std. It has beautiful little purple flowers. I plan to try and over winter it, I'm in zone four, does anyone know... See more
q plant question, gardening, plant care

Is this house worth my time and money?

A good ex-neighbor of mine has just offered me this small, 1 bath, 1 bed, home, with a medium backyard, and small metal shed for 15 grand for full ownership. The last... See more
q old house worth my time and money, home improvement, home maintenance repairs, This is the house from the front Dilapidated chipping paint snapped off porch light

Laminate flooring is curling up at the seams can it be repaired easily

Contractors were working on my home during the winter and tracked in water. They didn't wipe it up and it laid on the laminate flooring. I had not yet moved into the... See more

I have a night blooming jasmine bush that cannot bloom all the way.

The small tree/bush was purchased a year ago. I received it and planted it into a small planter eventually increasing it's size. By spring the scent filled the whole... See more
q night blooming jasmine bush not blooming, gardening, landscape

Chalk paint question...

Hello, I want to paint an end table with chalk paint, but since I have poochies I would like to make sure the "top coat" is super strong. With this type of paint, can... See more
q using polyutherane or wax on top of chalk paint, chalk paint, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Renovating Bathroom - turning a dresser into a Vanity

Hello guys!!! Just after a bit of advice. I have a SMALL bathroom (2.3x2.3) QLDer type home here in Australia. I'm wanting to stick with the "heritage" style, so I've... See more
q renovating bathroom how to turn a dresser into a vanity, bathroom ideas, home improvement, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Katerina Stepovikov
Katerina Stepovikov