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Board and Batten Wainscoting

Want to learn how to install board and batten wainscoting in your home? Stop by and see our blog and learn how we did the wall treatment in our master bathroom. find us on Facebook and like our page.

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DIY Shutter Towel Rack

In our upstairs bathroom, which is primarily used as a guest bathroom or when my other daughter comes home for a weekend visit, I needed to come up with a functional yet decorative way to keep bath towels in the bathroom because the space doesn't have a lot of storage. I decided I would make a piece that could be displayed as a wall hanging, but it would also double as a towel rack for my daughter or our guests. After a few hours of thinking up designs, I had it..I would make a DIY Shutter towel rack! I purchased these old plastic shutters (4) of them at a garage sale for $5.00, and hubby shakes his head thinking I am crazy, but wait till you see the finished rack, and just think, 4 less piece of plastic tossed out. :-) But the best thing, this project costs under $10! ;-)
Here are the items you will need to make this functional DIY Shutter Towel Rack wall hanging for your bathroom:
- House Shutters $5.00 (garage sale find we used 2 and saved 2 = $2.50)

rustic christmas tree display, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor, The finished tree for our display

Rustic Christmas Tree Display

We finished a rustic Christmas tree display for the front porch. This rustic Christmas display consists of our rustic planter box we built a couple weeks ago which was featured on Bob Vila Nation. The wonderful oversized rustic planter box tree display simply makes the porch. We used Martha Stewart ornaments in rust, gold’s, and whites purchased from The Home Depot. The tree received beautiful burlap ribbons, which set’s the tree to new highs in this beautifulMinwax Dark Walnut stained planter box. Come past our blog and take a look!

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Rustic DIY Coffee Table

Let’s look at the project and how we got started with this awesome Rustic DIY Coffee Table idea. Hubby and I were out for an afternoon date, and after lunch I just had to stop by my favorite thrift store to see what unique upcycle DIY project spoke to me. There she sat, with others running past her - I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. I just knew the moment I hit the door I could waive my magic DIY wand and BAM out would pop a fab upcycle Rustic DIY Coffee Table that any homeowner would love!!!!
Rustic DIY Coffee Table Once home, I ripped off her old top (which will become an awesome upcycle DIY chalk board project post – I never toss anything ;-)), and I started designing her new top. Once we had the plan, we ran off to The Home Depot to purchase three 8ft - 2 x 8s.
We cut each 2x8 board in half, after all it is easier to handle a 4’ board then a 8’ board. Since the 2x8 board widths (Big Box store rarely have consistently sized wood - they were off by up to ¼”) were not consistent, we also had to cut two straight edges. We used a sled, with one true straight edge, made from ¾” birch ply that was 12”x4’, the same length as our 2x8 boards. We then secured the untrue board edge to the birch ply with a screw and set the straight edge of the birch ply against the fence. This gave us a straight edge on the 2x8. We then ran placed the newly cut 2x8s straight edge against the fence and created our second cut. This provided two true edges and gave us a tight connection between the boards with no gaps.

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$3 Garage Sale Table Frame Goes Bench

$3 Table Frame Turns to Bench
Hi DIY’ers! Today, we are going to share our $3 garage sale table frame we turned into a bench. As you all know, our daughter is getting ready for her own place, and we are starting to put the pieces together for the big move in. At a garage sale, we found a $3 table frame treasure! The old metal table frame that was silver and gold, was turned to bright and beautiful family project!
Needs List:

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Framing Bathroom Mirrors

Want to learn how to frame your Bathroom Mirrors? Stop by our post tonight and see how easy it is to dress up your large bathroom mirror.

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Under Cabinet Drawers

Hi Everyone!!! Rightnow it’s all about storage in our shop today as we show you how we increasedour kitchen storage using Under Cabinet Drawers. What are these drawers I speak of you ask? –Only the greatest thing since slide bread!

Living in a small space requires you to figure out how touse every single inch of unused space. We brought you posts to complete in between the stud cabinets featuredin our board and batten post listed on Bob Vila Nation a while back. It was an awesome space saver giving us roomto move around in a small bathroom without the cabinet hanging on thewall.

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DIY Clock Table

Hi everyone! I have been so busy planning our 2014, I have not had time to post – The good news – the planning is almost done, and I think you will love our 2014 plans when we are done ;-)
Yesterday, I was cleaning out our decor storage to make room for yes, more decor (after all; a girl has to have her stuff ;-) ) when an old Pottery Barn clock and a rather large iron candlestick appeared. I pulled them out, sitting the clock on the candlestick to keep it safe while I shifted the other items. When I turned around to move it back into storage, it was like angels singing! It was obvious their common theme was none other than a DIY Clock Table, a perfect up-cycle project! Dropping everything, I started designing how I would get it to stay on the candlestick, after all I always wanted a DIY Clock Table since seeing one in a magazine.
I 4 easy steps here's what I did to create this awesome DIY clock table:

diy candy cane candle, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, Final project DIY Candy Cane Candle from Hello I Live Here

DIY Candy Cane Candle

Do you love candy cane's? Stop by Hello I Live Here and see what we did with all our extra candy cane's this year!

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DIY Tile Project

Stop by our blog and see our DIY tile Project! :-)

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