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Revamped Garden Setting - From Rusty to Clean White

I bought this little garden setting on ebay for $45. It was rusty even though it was not very old. The chairs and table fold up. I think it is iron or steel - not cast aluminium. Anyhow, with a bit of TLC it is looking fresh as a daisy!
Update: These sold and are now at their new home.

second supermarket trolley raised planter veg bed

Second Supermarket Trolley Raised Planter/Veg Bed

A couple of weeks ago I rescued a burnt shopping trolley that had been discarded in bushland close to where I live and turned it into a planter. The intention to plant Bergamot (Bee Balm) seeds in it come Spring. I recently rescued the second abandoned trolley which was also burnt and gave that a slightly different treatment.

red bicycle planted up as garden art

Red Bicycle Planted Up As Garden Art

I picked up this red bike from a kerb side cleanup so it cost me nothing. The black mesh shopper basket on the front I got from somebody on Freecycle site. Again it cost me nothing. I already had the half planter in the garden but decided to use it for holding more plants behind the saddle of the bike. Only cost was the pots of pansies used here and a few dollars for the wicker shopper that I bought at a charity store which holds more potted pansies. Of course, you can put in any plants you like.

succulent planter from rusty wheel hub

Succulent Planter From Rusty Wheel Hub

I found this rusty wheel hub in the bushland close to where we live. Decided to take it home and make a planter out of it.

garden bed from discarded supermarket trolley

Garden Bed From Discarded Supermarket Trolley

I reported two dumped supermarket trolleys that became apparent after a bush fire reduction burnoff. They were both dumped in the bushland around the corner to where we live. After a month, there was no contact from the supermarket concerned and they had made no attempt to collect the trolleys which were both fire damaged. Wheels had melted and the plastic edges and handle had also been badly damaged. So, I decided to take one home and turn it into a raised garden bed. We took the wheelbarrow and chucked it in and took it home. The wheels being too damaged to push the trolley home.

hanging terrariums in bathroom

Hanging Terrariums In Bathroom

I saw these mini terrariums in Big W (I am sure KMart and Target probably sell similar) and thought I would buy three for my ensuite bathroom. Not wanting to make more holes in the wall to hang a shelf I decided to use what I had plenty of. Branches. Well one branch really.

garden junk typewriter with succulents

Garden Junk Typewriter With Succulents

I found a Smith-Corona portable typewriter for free on Freecycle. I picked it up this morning and a hour or so later it is now a decorative succulent planter in my garden.

junk garden art from old food mixers

Junk Garden Art From Old Food Mixers

My neighbour put out a huge pile of junk for kerb side council clean up and amongst the items were two Sunbeam food mixers. I must have driven past that pile many times racking my brain to think what I could use them for. I loved the shape of them - so fifties - and thought they were far too good to go to the council tip. One was white and heavy made of metal, the other was silver and seemed not so sturdy. Both were the same shape/fifties design though. I decided to pick them both up before the council took them away. I knew I could do something with them.

singer treadle sewing machine cabinet gets a makeover in duck egg blue, chalk paint, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, Dressed for its photo debut Necklace scarf

Singer Treadle Sewing Machine Cabinet Gets a Makeover in Duck Egg Blue

This is my second Singer treadle machine makeover. The big difference between this one and my first, was that this time the cabinet was largely intact and could be made over. There was some damage as could be expected for its age (1911). A couple of broken off bits of timber and loose joints around the frame for the drawers but that was nothing that could not be fixed with a little wood glue. There was also some damaged veneer that was easily removed using a wet towel and steam iron. I dis-assembled the whole thing in order to clean sand and paint. First the cast iron frame was removed. The frame was sanded and cleaned and painted in Hammerite smooth black spray paint over a coat of Feronite rust converter. Then the cabinet - the Sewing machine was removed, then the drawers and then the frame taken apart and given a good sand and clean and any repairs necessary were made at this point. Then this baby was painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Duck Egg Blue. This is my first time using chalk paint. I can see why people like it so much!
I also painted inside the drawers using Minwax timber stain in Slate grey to give a washed effect to the inside of the drawers and to get rid of that orange brown colour and disguise any water staining. I was so thrilled that all the wooden decorative decals were still with this piece, although a few did need gluing here and there where they had started to lift off. I still have the sewing machine that came with this but will be selling the table as a dressing table/occasional table/hall table or laptop table. I was going to add a mirror but thought it should be up to the buyer to decide how they want to use it.
Update: This item just sold to a lovely lady who is going to put it in her hallway with a mirror on the wall over it.

singer sewing machine cabinet makeover to hall table, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, painted furniture

Singer Sewing Machine Cabinet Makeover to Hall Table

I bought this Singer Sewing Machine Cabinet on ebay for $20. I knew when I bought it that the cabinet was beyond saving. I was just interested in the treadle frame as I have been wanting to make one into a hall table for a while now. My husband drove to pick up my purchase and goodness knows what he thought when he saw it, but there is normally method in my madness! It was full of holes from borer or woodworm, so the cabinet got removed and discarded as soon as it was unloaded. I don't want an infestation in our home. The sewing machine was still inside. I think this dates from around 1905-1915 or there abouts. So, with the cabinet put out for kerb side throw out and the machine set aside to resell on ebay, I set to work on the frame. It was very rusty so first out with the wire brush, then the metal appropriate sandpaper. After that it got a good wash down with Sugar Soap and then a blast with the hose. Once almost dry, I painted it with Feronite rust converter. This is a liquid and helps to seal any remaining rust and make it good to paint over. It dries a kind of blue/black. 24 hours later I was able to spray paint it with Hammerite smooth black metal paint which needed no primer. It went on well and one can gave me three to four light coats from one can.
The top is pine timber from some trees we had removed at the side of our house. A neighbour who is a carpenter used some of this milled pine timber that he had from our tree removal to make the table top. He joined two pieces with a biscuit join and wood glue. Then I did the sanding and we attached it to the frame. Some Minwax white based stain with Slate grey tint added to it was used to get the grey wash effect on the table top. I have yet to seal/wax but I don't want it to look too shiny. The timber had grey streaks in it which were quite decorative and are apparently caused by fungus in the tree, so I wanted to retain the streaks and not fight against them, hence I went for the grey'ish stain. Anyway, here it is! All up this makeover including purchase of the cabinet to start with has cost me about $60, if that. I am going to use the Slate stain on a butchers trolley that I have for makeover as I barely used any of the one litre can.
Update: This little table is now sold.

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