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The Resiliency of Roses | A Celebration of National Rose Month

June is National Rose Month. President Ronald Reagan declared the rose to be the National Floral Emblem of the United States of America November, 1986. When asked nearly 80% of folks will tell you roses are their favorite flower. As a Consulting Rosarian I and my fellow CR's took an oath to show gardeners that roses are easier than you may think to grow.

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Mandevilla Springs to Life | A Great Mothers Day Gift!

Mandevilla gives an elegant lush tropical look to your garden. It has stunning trumpet-shape flowers in shades of pink, white, or red. Mandevilla is usually grown as an annual, though I overwintered it indoors in my heated garage. Like my lantana I thought it did not survive since it is grown as a perennial only in zone 10. After putting what looked like "dead" vines outside here's the new growth springing to life as of yesterday May 9th. Mandevilla makes an excellent gift. Here are all the plant features and details:
Type: sun

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How to Build a Rose Garden

Just like most anything else, planning is the key to success with your garden. Part of the success with our Jackson & Perkins Trial Rose garden has been using custom built potting frames designed & built by Mr. Fox. We created this video so you can easily see how to make them. They can be preassembled now during the off-season in your workshop or garage and built in about 5 minutes so you are ready to install in the spring when its time to plant your roses, shrubs or even tomato plants. I know they can be built in 5 minutes because I timed the entire process from beginning to end. The potting frames allow you to easily access your plants for pruning, & staking the canes and containing any and all soil amendments you may add around your plants such as compost while keeping your mulch secure and in place. Its also blocks the wind from blowing your mulch all over the yard during these windy stormy seasons. The potting frames are also an excellent way to retain water. We set up our potting frames all secured with our irrigation system.

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Create A Rose Garden Color Pallette

People think in threes. This concept was explained to me by a famous psychologist. Based on this theory select three roses on the color palette that you love and you have a rose garden. Let's start a rose garden with great roses that are easy to find, & easy to grow, and fun to say the names: listen to the video! People love the sound of 'ChChing!' lol

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Installing A New Rose Garden

Starting over can be hard to do. Add giving up your award-winning dream rose garden, designed with love and filled with over 200 varieties. Living in a vibrant booming metro area, accepting the exceptional as the norm was a gradual paradigm shift for me. It never occurred to me I might have difficulty locating the rose varieties I left behind in my Plano award winning rose garden*.“

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Celebrate National Rose Month | Plant Your Very Own Rose Garden

June is National Rose Month. Did you know when asked 85% of people say the rose is their favorite flower? As a gardener that loves flowers if you don't have roses its just a matter of time before you get some. Then you will want to talk about pruning. Gardeners and rosarians alike have turned pruning into 'the great debate' and an art form. So let's get down to the "bidness" of pruning.

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"Oui Built A Greenhouse For $142.00" | Winter Protection for Plants

Gaga's Garden is built on the 'Qui Theory' It's a principal working partners must employ to get more accomplished with their projects. My 'Oui Theory' is simply this, 'Oui' (pronounced we and French for yes), can accomplish the work of two while you are not there. The artful gardener must first identify all of her/his resources. This must include your labor force. Your resources include who can do the work that you have identified that you would like to have done in your garden while you were at home and you would like completed after you are not there by putting the 'Oui Theory' to work for you. Now that is parallel universe optimization. You will not be there and work will be getting done by someone you have identified that essentially is in a parallel universe toiling away at things 'Oui' have mutually agreed to do and then enjoy together, maybe. You carefully planned it, purchased the plants, perhaps even did beautiful sketches, you visualized in the other beautiful universe which of course is your mind. Now here is where your genious will put Steven Hawking to shame, 'Oui Theory' actually translates into 'Yes, Dear.' 'Oui Theory' simply stated is "yes dear, I see your logic we (oui) will complete this project while you are (at work, getting your nails done, hair appointment, shopping, taking a trip around the world, taking French cooking classes, going to buy a new car, get the oil changed, play soccer, play golf, ad infinitum…”. So You see "Qui Built A Greenhouse for Winter Protection for "our plants" ;)

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Lantana Springs to Life | A Pollinator Favorite

Lanatana is a pollinator favorite. It attracts bees and butterflies for the entire growing season. This past winter I put my Lantana tree in the heated garage since it is an annual in zone 6b, Central Illinois. According to Better Homes and Gardens, “If you have a hot, baked spot, lantana is your answer. This hardworking plant not only thrives with little moisture and in full, unyielding sun, it does so with ease. In fact, lantana is a flower that seems to have it all: It produces an abundance of brightly colored flowers all summer and fall, and it's a magnet for butterflies (hummingbirds like it, too). It's easy to grow and a great choice for containers. Plus, if you have a sunny spot indoors, you can grow it as a charming indoor plant. In frost-free climates (Zones 9-11), it's a great perennial groundcover, as well.” Since the winter was so severe even in my heated garage here’s what my Lantana tree (which was fairly expensive) looked like until yesterday after spending the winter in a heated garage. I was just about to give up on it. After a couple days of warm weather here’s the new growth coming back so I encourage you to keep an eye on plants that you think may be ‘dead’ for signs of life after this exceptionally harsh long winter.

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Designing a Rose Garden

Rose gardens are beautiful all season long and attract welcome guests such as this exquisite Painted Lady butterfly and other

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"Why Not' Miniature Roses and Fairy Gardens?

Downsize Your Garden and Up-size Your Experience according to Fairy Gardening Inc.'s, Jeff Sorenson at The Independent Garden Show in Chicago this past week. Just think! When frigid winter winds start to howl and drive your green thumbs inside, these magical worlds create exciting inside gardening projects for you and your children. Just like a terrarium they are small fascinating worlds that are easy care and don't require special skills.

Gaga's Garden - Susan Fox
Gaga's Garden - Susan Fox