How do you keep mice out of shed & garage???? Help!

We live in the Memphis TN area, so we have very mild weather in general. We also live in a subdivision that all the houses are on acreage. The past year we have had... See more

How can I remove lime scale from Marble Tile

Ha! It may have taken 1-year but I got my neighbor to let me help her solve a severe Calcium Build-up Problem on her marble shower. Problem Solved using a product... See more
q how can i safely remove severe lime scale form marble shower tile, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, tiling, I took care of cleaning the shower glass which looks great But the marble inside the shower is quite coated with white scale although hard to see in this photo

Rubber Mats

Does anyone have any clever ideas on what to do with these hard rubber mats, they do not work well for cleaning shoes!
q rubber mats, repurposing upcycling

Sink hole under driveway/retaining wall.

Boy, do I need help with this one. The house is 27 years old and the crack in this section of the driveway has gotten worse and sinking. Now the 3' concrete retaining... See more
q sink hole under driveway retaining wall, concrete masonry, home maintenance repairs, outdoor living

How to restore an old cast iron wood burning stove?

The story of this stove started in a small town in Mexico. It was in my mother's family and was used to cook on and heat the kitchen when she was a kid. When the home... See more
q how to restore an old cast iron wood burning stove, diy, how to, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Up light solution

Hi I have a crystal globe (not crystal ball- I wish!! Haha!!). And it is on a little open brass pedestal. I'd like to light it from underneath but don't want to use... See more
q up light solution, home decor, lighting, repurposing upcycling, Crystal globe woukd be really special with a light up from the bottom

Hometalkers, I need your help!

I saw this beautiful purple bloom on my lunch break today and took a photo of it for Hometalk's Instagram that just launched (@HometalkTeam). Can anyone tell me what... See more
hometalkers i need your help, gardening

Elizabeth Dwyer Simpson
Elizabeth Dwyer Simpson