ironing board folk art santa

Ironing Board Folk Art Santa

So hiding in the corner of this estate sale was a vintage wooden ironing board. After a few minutes of haggling, the seller was worn down and let it go for $20. I had some idea of what I wanted to do but researched what ideas Hometalk and Pinterest might have. Bunches. With Christmas fast approaching I narrowed my search to Santa. Here is my version.

anthro apology table

Anthro Apology Table

My neighbor was moving and while she was dragging a table to the trash she thought of me. Funny how that happens. It had suffered much abuse. The top was duct taped to hide the gouge marks.

distressed dresser rescue

Distressed Dresser Rescue

I found a vanity and matching dresser on line for $100. I thought it was a good deal until I met them. They had been left in a damp garage for 20 years and the veneer was just falling off. So without thinking I offered $50 and they accepted. The “Buyers remorse” bell kept ringing in my head.

chippy garden art part deux

Chippy Garden Art: Part Deux

So I found another cabinet door and grabbed it up. The problem was, it was not chippy enough.

sign in to stand out for a marquee style sign

Sign In to Stand Out; For a Marquee Style Sign

So in July we are moving our antiques and repurposed furniture into a new booth inside a Mall with 60 other dealers. While we have been at different places before, this one encouraged a more high end design and feel to it. The lighting is great and I have 7 electric outlets to work with. I got great feedback from HomeTalk when I posted a question asking for ideas. Thanks Gang. The first problem to solve was what kind of sign will grab peoples attention.For my sign I wanted something that would stand out. In my garage I had two 7 foot, ten inch wide bed rails that I found on the side of the road. Hobby Lobby had eight inch letters that were already painted white and a great price. The guestion then became, “how do I mount them on this chunky bed rail?”

chippy garden art

Chippy Garden Art

So this idea came as I was cruising garage sales. I picked up a faucet from a 100 year old claw foot bath tub. With the dollar tin from the Dollar Tree and a chippy cabinet door I could picture the next masterpiece.

making a desk more pallatable

Making a Desk More Pallatable

During garage sale season in Ohio my impulse is to stop at every one. Yes I probly need therapy. This sale last summer gave up a beat up, cheaply made, Ugly desk. It has sat there looking at me over the winter being ignored until some modicum of inspiration set in. I noticed a stack of pallet boards in my treasure room and that set things in motion.

update a 100 year old lady

Update a 100 Year Old Lady

So I get a knock on my door. My neighbor said she’s cleaning her garage, was dragging an old vanity out to the curb and thought of me. Did “I want it“ was the question. Free! Old vanity!! Are you kidding!!! So another rescue from the curb.

shut the front door for an upcycled vanity

“Shut the Front Door” for an UpCycled Vanity.

I love old doors. They all have a story to tell. This $10 French door was a beauty. The challenge was, what do I want to have fun making next. This is usually dictated by collected pieces and parts neatly stored in my garage. (Wife laughs loudly!!!)

suited for better things the suitcase upgrade

Suited For Better Things, The Suitcase Upgrade

For several years I have watched people make suitcase tables. It was always on my crafters bucket list but these vintage suitcases were always $20-30 dollars wherever I went. Until last week. JACKPOT!!! Three 1940’s suitcases at an estate sale for $5 each.

Gary Hardman
Gary Hardman
About meRetired after 40 years in education my great joy is being a Creator for Hometalk and having a small business called My UpCycled Antiques. I am self taught but have always been creative and crafty. Two years ago I started creating unique furniture pieces. I was surprised at how popular and how quickly they sold in my booth. Some of these pieces had been thrown out and were picked up at the side of the road. I kind of surprise myself when challenged with a difficult piece or repair that I have no experience with, (like repairing Victrolas or stuck drawers in a dresser) that turn out amazing. I love to repurpose and UpCycle furniture for the modern home. I get great satisfaction from rescuing even the saddest piece of furniture. As a lifetime Educator it is my joy to assist those who also have a furniture problem to solve. Let me know how I can help you recreate that special piece.