elegant caprizo faux finish by cheryl phan

Elegant Caprizo Faux Finish by Cheryl Phan

Learn how to create this elegant and sophisticated wall finish for any room in your house in 3 easy steps. You’re going to be shocked at how easy and inexpensive this wall finish is to create.

painted scallop tile floor makeover project

Painted Scallop Tile Floor Makeover Project

Imagine, NO demolition and NO mess! Most people are totally surprised when I tell them that I can paint over tile. But there are a few things you should know before you get started.

how to paint tile countertops in three easy steps

How to Paint Tile Countertops in Three Easy Steps

If you have outdated tile countertops and want to bring them back to life WITHOUT demolishing your space, you’re going to be absolutely amazed at how easy it is to give your kitchen a fresh new look in just one day.

how to create a dirty pour

How to Create a Dirty Pour

This such an amazing technique. No two are ever alike. Even if you use the same color paints they will all come out unquietly different. You can create this on any flat surface. I did this on a charger (Plate) that I bought in thrift store for 99 cents. I have also seen them in the Dollar Store. They also work well on framed canvas, lazy Susie’s and small table tops.

how to paint an aged rust finish

How to Paint an Aged Rust Finish

It’s hard to find decor items that are aged and vintage. If you want that farmhouse, weathered or rust finish look, you have to make them yourself, unless you have the resources to go junkin'. In this quick tutorial, I'll show you how to paint an aged rust finish on home decor items. It's very easy!

how to make spectacular furniture pulls from everyday items

How to Make Spectacular Furniture Pulls From Everyday Items

EASILY create one-of-a-kind hardware pulls right now from common items found around your home without spending a lot of money. Give your furniture piece a DESIGNER look using old jewelry, nails, belts and even shower hooks!Read on to find out how I turned my unused jewelry into a unique furniture pull.

how to create a textured metallic wall finish

How to Create a Textured Metallic Wall Finish

If you love textured walls, you’re going to love this textured metallic wall finish. This metallic wall finish looks like a shimmering waterfall. The beautiful thing about creating a wall finish instead of using wallpaper you don’t have any seams.

how to dress up a ceiling fan for a kid s room

How to Dress up a Ceiling Fan for a Kid's Room

I've got an EASY way to add an extra POP of color and pattern into your kids' bedroom.... and it involves dressing up that BORING ceiling fan! There are so many ways you can customize this DIY trick to make your child's room unique! Here's how I did it ...

how to paint a black and white striped ceiling

How to Paint a Black and White Striped Ceiling

I love creating high drama and visual interest with painted patterns and faux finishes on accent walls and ceilings. In this bedroom makeover, I created a black and white striped ceiling. And it turned out STUNNING!!!Sp I’ve got 2 simple tricks for YOU to DIY a perfect striped ceiling!

how to paint a rusty garage door

How to Paint a Rusty Garage Door

There’s nothing worse that rust spots on your garage doors. If you see rust spots on your garage door, you should remove them immediately. If you let it go one for too long you will end up having to replace the entire door. Most of the time you can spot-treat the problem to prevent it from growing. Here are a few simple steps to repairing and painting the rust on your garage door.

Cheryl Phan
Cheryl Phan
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