how to replace glass in cabinet doors

How To Replace Glass In Cabinet Doors

I used to be intimidated by the thought of messing with the glass in my cabinet doors! I have passed over furniture pieces because I did not want to have to deal with the cost of replacing a cracked pane.Recently I created my own problem by removing the glass from a hutch in order to get rid of the glare. Here is how I replaced that glass in the cabinet door once my photos were finished.

diy shiplap on a budget

DIY Shiplap on a Budget

Shiplap, shiplap shiplap… For the first year or so of hearing Joanna Gaines drop the shiplap word, I just kept saying… I am more of a rustic wood wall girl. But, now I must admit that while I still love a great rustic planked wood wall… I am loving crisp white (and even sometimes gray or black) shiplap walls! Brainwashed or converted I am not sure, but whatever.

cable spool reclaimed fence wood coffee table

Cable Spool & Reclaimed Fence Wood Coffee Table

We basically went about a year without at coffee table while I looked for one that worked well in our space. I found an inspiration piece on a trip and used supplies from my garage to pull it together.I admit my garage may have more random materials stashed in it than most... But these items are not too hard to find & came together to make a gorgeous unique coffee table that even has a built-in den for small pets.

shiplap look on a budget

Shiplap Look on a Budget

I needed a bright white shiplap wall to photograph my refinished furniture in front of & wanted to lighten my dark dining room in the process. I Love getting the gorgeous Fixer Upper look on a budget.I was able to use quarter inch plywood strips ripped into 7.5" wide strips.

faux finish leather for antique desk inset, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Faux Finish Leather for Antique Desk Inset

Blech! That desktop must have been used by a toddler! Rather than replacing the old felt writing area, we created an elegant faux leather finish with paints.

photo window, crafts, repurposing upcycling, wall decor


YIKES! I did have some random art that I hated for the last 8 years here...

patio party cable spool upcycled with style, outdoor living, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Patio Party; Cable Spool UpCycled With Style

We took a rather large Industrial cable spool and upcycled it into a perfect patio party table. We love to offer upcycled furniture with the finest craftsmanship.

give away painted furniture, painted furniture

How to Paint Metal Locker-upcycle Storage

Hey! Would you like some free lockers? UMMMMM YES!!! (My poor husband)

creative storage in dead space behind door ladder, home office, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Creative Storage in Dead Space Behind Door

My New Year's Weekend get organized project. One of my business resolutions was to create an attractive, and useful work space for my home business'. I have a Dispatch Service & DIY BLOG business. I was plagued by the wasted space on this giant wall behind our door.

secretary heads repurposed painted to the bar, paint colors, repurposing upcycling

Secretary Heads to the Bar

I found this old secretary desk for sale & immediately saw the possibilities! She was missing a shelf, & actually needed all shelves replaced.
From first sight I knew she wanted to give up her knick knacks and become the star of any room she was in.

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