how i made faux delft tiles

How I Made Faux Delft Tiles

Hi, I'm Liz from the DIY & decorating blog Simple Decorating Tips! Before I even tell you how I made faux Delft tiles, I’ll tell you why…

fall porch ideas

Fall Porch Ideas

Hi! Liz here from are some quick and easy fall porch ideas…I’ve found that decorating for fall is the easiest! Christmas decorating can be such a huge commitment, but fall is simple… just a little goes a long way. A splash of orange here and there and it looks like you’ve completely embraced the change of seasons.The big celebration for us is THE FRONT PORCH!! Just the fact that the front porch on our new house we’ve been renovating for the past year is done, (well mostly done…) is a huge celebration. So this year to decorate it for fall was a joyous occasion! Pop over to my blog to see the vast difference in the before and after!!Now on with the fall porch transitions…

diy frosted glass privacy window

DIY Frosted Glass Privacy Window

Creating total privacy yet not block natural light in a window with a compromising placement sounds nearly impossible, right? Well here’s a way to create a frosted glass privacy window and no, I don’t mean that spray paint faux treatment either!

how to change a door lock

How to Change a Door Lock

Here’s why and how to change a door lock…

diy christmas stockings

DIY Christmas Stockings

Over the last year, (yes, it took me that long… I kept getting side-tracked) I made some DIY Christmas stockings for my son, daughter in law and grandson. It was a really fun project for me to make these special stockings for them

french knot wreath pillow tutorial

French Knot Wreath Pillow Tutorial

Since this week's trendy topic is is 'Mantle Displays & Wreaths'... surprisingly, I haven't posted very many of either on my DIY & decorating blog Simple Decorating Tips. One of my most popular posts does feature a wreath however... It's a French Know Wreath Pillow... and I'll show you how I made it... Who know's maybe you'll be inspired to learn this simple embroidery stitch and make one for yourself?!

triple christmas wreath

Triple Christmas Wreath

Hi, I'm Liz from This year we've just moved into a Mid-century house we're totally renovating into a Colonial Revival style... so as exciting as that is, sadly it means not much for Christmas decor, including mantel displays and wreaths. Therefore, I'm going over my Christmas decor from years past, (and houses past too! This is our 3rd house in 4 years!)

step by step christmas centerpiece

Step-by-Step Christmas Centerpiece

We're in the middle of renovating our newly purchased house, so as exciting as that is, it means very little Christmas decorating... Pretty much of all our stuff is packed away in storage, including Christmas decor. ( You can read all about our new Mid-Century house we're renovating into a Colonial Revival here!)

christmas deer themed decorating ideas

Christmas Deer Themed Decorating Ideas

Here are a couple of deer themed projects I did for the front porch on our 100 year old house, (that we just sold).For detailed directions etc. you can pop over to my DIY & decorating blog and see the full post on each project. All these posts were from our last 100 year old house, which we just sold and are now currently renovating a Mid-Century house, turning it into more of a Colonial Revival style... (check out our renovation projects, there are lots at!)

how i made custom curtains without a sewing machine

How I Made Custom Curtains Without a Sewing Machine

Hi Liz here from SimpleDecoratingTips.comWhere there’s a will, there really is usually a way… and there certainly is a way to do this… so if you don’t have a sewing machine, or just hate to sew, I’m going to tell you how I made custom curtains without a sewing machine! You just may be inspired to make some yourself using a few magical ingredients.We are temporarily living in the freshly renovated lower level apartment of our newly purchased home, (a mid-century-to-colonial-revival house) while the rest of the main house gets an overhaul. What we were wanting (the “will” part) was to have a privacy curtain for nighttime on the window of the door. But the sewing machine is beyond packed away… It’s buried behind pretty much all of our worldly possessions in storage. Even if I knew where it was, I’m sure it’d be physically impossible to actually retrieve it.Once we moved into the apartment a little over a week ago, we quickly realized that the entrance door actually has a view all the way down the hall, past the bathroom into the bedroom. We both are a little creeped out with uncovered windows when the black night hides everything outside the window, but the light insides shows all to any passerby. Good for you if you’re confident enough to leave your windows uncovered, but in town, I’m just not comfortable with that.Now I could have just put a film on the window, that allows light through, but distorts the clear glass, (I’ll share that with you on the bedroom window) but the view out the window during the day is a lovely view of the pond just across the street… so a semi-permanent covering was out of the question.

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