counter stool re do

Counter Stool Re-Do

Hi, Liz here from SimpleDecoratingTips.comBig news... I'm no longer a chalk paint virgin... Once I...

sofa table re do

Sofa Table Re-Do

Hi Liz here from the DIY & decorating blog Simple Decorating Tips.I found this little ‘treasure in...

diy marble natural stone restoration

DIY Marble Natural Stone Restoration

Hi, Liz here from the DIY & decorating blog Simple Decorating Tips...I found an antique dry sink...

diy deer antler candle holders

DIY Deer Antler Candle Holders

Last week I showed you my attempt to embellish a deer antler mount for a Christmas ornament on the...

diy outdoor planter winter arrangement

DIY Outdoor Planter Winter Arrangement

After the summer plants are gone, the water fountain drained and put away, all the colorful decor...

diy all natural potpourri

DIY All Natural Potpourri

I love the aroma of citrus, cinnamon, cloves and wonderful spices filling the air of our home......

how to prune a hydrangea tree

How to Prune a Hydrangea Tree

Hi, I'm Liz from Simple Decorating Tips!I’m not an expert gardener, I, like how my dad used to...

how i made faux delft tiles

How I Made Faux Delft Tiles

Hi, I'm Liz from the DIY & decorating blog Simple Decorating Tips! Before I even tell you how I made...

fall porch ideas

Fall Porch Ideas

Hi! Liz here from are some quick and easy fall porch ideas…I’ve...

diy frosted glass privacy window

DIY Frosted Glass Privacy Window

Creating total privacy yet not block natural light in a window with a compromising placement sounds...

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