a guest bedroom makeover under 100


Today is an exciting day for us because we finally get to show you our guest bedroom makeover. When we first moved into our home we basically tried to match the home to our furniture we bought things that couldn’t have been further from the look we wanted but we felt trapped by the brown and tan paint that covered nearly every wall.In an attempt to match the rest of the house when I started this journey, I designed our guestroom in a more rustic playful vibe, fast forward a few years and many design realizations later and this space has become the one space (that has been touched) that doesn’t match the look and feel of our home.

how to keep your home cool in the summer the easy solution that saved


Summer is finally here and the roar of air conditioners everywhere is upon us. As much as I love the beautiful sunshine, lake days and sun-kissed skin, living in the midwest the summers can be brutal. The heat index stays through the roof and it’s a constant struggle to keep your home cool, not to mention detrimental to our constantly running air conditioners.Our home has seven giant windows that line the back of our main living area (living kitchen and dining room) and I remember the first day we toured the house the realtor opened the blinds and at that moment it really felt like the house came to life, they were absolutely beautiful and we were starry-eyed, to say the least.

how to clean when you re completely overwhelmed by the mess


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your mess? I don’t mean the kind of mess you can clean up in ten minutes, I’m talking the kind of mess that’s spent years slowly accumulating until one day you realize you have a big problem but by this point it is so overwhelming that instead of cleaning it up you do nothing.There are people in this world that will never struggle with having a clean home, there are people that will never even have to attempt the 10-minute mad dash when company unexpectedly calls and says they’re on their way… I am not one of those people, and if you’re still reading this then you probably aren’t either.Before we dig in on how to clean the mess, first we have to figure out how it got this way in the first place. Odds are it took you years to get to this point but it happened so slowly that it’s been unrecognizable.

how to paint a brick fireplace

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace!

Have you ever thought about painting your brick fireplace? We’ve all heard the horror stories of someone’s fireplace turning pink the minute they hit it with white paint so maybe like us you put it off out of fear which is totally understandable. A Fireplace is a big deal and having one that’s messed up is the last thing any of us want.Ever since we stepped foot into our home three years ago we’ve had a plan to makeover the fireplace, at first it was an entire fireplace resurface, then it went to shiplap and the longer we thought about it the more we felt we should at least try paint first before spending more on something else.

how to create a whole home color palette

How To Create A Whole Home Color Palette!

Do you struggle with getting your home to look cohesive? Have you decorated several rooms only to be left feeling like the spaces don’t “flow”?If so you are not alone, in fact, one of the things people struggle with the most when it comes to decorating is creating a whole home color palette. This is often how a home ends up feeling like the style is all over the place and you can quickly end up hating the direction you choose… I know I did!Color is hands down one of the most important factors when it comes to interior design, it can truly make or break a space. Adding color into your home is great but understanding the role it plays and sticking to a plan can help you save some major bucks down the road.

how to remove brick the easy way

How To Remove Brick: The Easy Way

Have you ever wondered How To Remove Brick? We sure have and the fact is there really isn’t a lot of information out there on the subject. So we’ve compiled this easy step by step guide to show you how to remove brick the easy way!When your home has the ever controversial brick fireplace, you either love it or you hate it and in our case… We aren’t fans!Sorry for you brick lovers out there but this orangey red monstrosity just isn’t my thing and after living with it for almost three years we have finally decided to do something about it!If you have been following for a while you have most likely heard me talk about our double sided fireplace a time or two. If not here is a visual of what our fireplace looks like, it is double sided so you get the exact same view from the dining room. Double the fun right? Wrong!

a gorgeous diy console table

A Gorgeous DIY Console Table

There are times when the shopping trips work out and you find the perfect piece of furniture, then there are other times when you search endlessly only to be left feeling defeated. So instead you break out the power tools, a little bit of skill and make your own DIY Console Table.That pretty much sums up our hunt for a light-colored console table that was modern in style with a little bit of rustic flair.I had this picture in my head of what I wanted it to look like yet nothing I found even came close. So after coming up empty-handed, I propositioned Wayne, ” Do you think we can make this”?I knew if we made it ourselves we would end up with a much better piece of furniture, one that would last a lifetime vs the particle board nonsense they usually try to pass off as furniture.Originally we planned to use reclaimed cargo flooring from an old boxcar from Vintage Reclaimed Lumber, If you are local this store is amazing and not only can they build the items for you but they also sell the lumber so you can DIY your own if that is more your style.This lumber is exquisite and I have been swooning over it for years but going into this I knew I would need two similar console tables due to the way our house is set up and by the time I finished adding up the cost for two console tables I was seeing stars!Listen, I am all for investing in quality pieces but most of the time I am a cheapskate. There are some things that I will fork over a hefty amount of dough for but two console tables isn’t one of them. Girl please, I’ve got countertops to buy!So after several weekends on the fence, we finally bit the bullet and took off to Home Depot to purchase supplies, I figured we would save some money and just try to make the new wood look old.So many of you guys have literally gone crazy for this table and I am so happy you love it as much as I do! If you have never done a DIY project then don’t fret because this one is so easy I feel like anyone could do it. Honestly, when put into words it looks much harder than it really is.

our modern living room reveal

Our Modern Living Room Reveal

We have been slowly chipping away at this project over the past several months and when I say several I mean like 9 and I am so excited to finally show you all our modern living room reveal!

grid style gallery wall tricks for creating a stunning feature wall

Grid Style Gallery Wall: Tricks For Creating A Stunning Feature Wall

Do you have wall space that you have no idea what to do with? And no matter what you try it just doesn’t seem to be enough?So you then start crowding the space with random decor just to try and make up for all of the blank space. Pretty soon the walls look like a hodgepodge of crap that doesn’t even remotely go together and you are left scratching your head wondering what in the world you did wrong. Does any of this sound familiar?

modern entryway makeover

Modern Entryway Makeover

This Entryway Makeover has been a long time coming. After we moved in it pretty much became a dumping ground for all of our shoes, bags, coats and anything else you could possibly think of.Then I added fuel to the fire by purchasing a bench with no baskets underneath, so everything that had been stuffed inside was totally visible as soon as you walked in our house.What a way to welcome guests right? Of course, everyone wants to see our kid’s dirty socks and three seasons worth of shoes piled up as soon as they walk in, now that’s what I call welcoming.Don’t get me wrong it was nice for the kids to have a designated landing place to drop stuff when they came in from school but honestly, it just wasn’t worth the mess it left behind.

Project Allen Designs
Project Allen Designs
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