wood louver wainscoting, diy, foyer, paint colors, wall decor, woodworking projects

Wood Louver Wainscoting

My island's deconstruction warehouse gives away reclaimed wood louvers for free. I used them to...

repurpose egg cartons into portable paint palettes, crafts, repurposing upcycling

Repurpose Egg Cartons Into Portable Paint Palettes

Here's a way to reuse the egg cartons in the aftermath of your Easter festivities this weekend.

kitchen ledge shelves, diy, kitchen design, shelving ideas, storage ideas, woodworking projects, A short ledge between our refrigerator and sink holds all of our glasses

Kitchen Ledge Shelves

My husband and I wanted open shelves to increase the storage space in our small kitchen. Hand...

copper outlined whimsical forest mural, painting, wall decor

Copper-Outlined, Whimsical Forest Mural

"Every project is a lesson in creation...where revision is progress...illuminating visions of a mind...

lace inspired door, doors, painting

Lace Inspired Door

I repaired a deep crack through my daughter's door in 2012, when we first moved into our above...

squeeze paint mural, how to, painting, wall decor

Squeeze Paint Mural

Using canvas drop cloth, squeeze bottles, and some acrylic paint, I led 80 students this summer in...

ombre painted geometric door design, doors, how to, painting

Ombre Painted, Geometric Door Design

Using leftover 1/4" plywood, and $3 worth of sample paints, I was able to add some handmade...

make a tung oil wax finish, how to, painted furniture

Make a Tung Oil Wax Finish

I play with mixing tung oil and candelilla wax (4:1) to make a salve-like wax finish for my...

make magnetic measurement organizers, how to, kitchen design, woodworking projects

Make Magnetic Measurement Organizers

To maximize my small kitchen's drawer space, I removed our measuring tools from a drawer and hung...

how to make compact kitchen utensil organizers, crafts, how to, organizing, woodworking projects

Make Compact Utensil Organizers

In my small apartment kitchen, drawer space is tight, so using a drawer to store my flatware was not...

Yvonne @ Sunnyside Up-Stairs
Yvonne @ Sunnyside Up-Stairs