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How to Repair Peeling Wood Veneer

Here is a simple step by step tutorial for fixing wood veneer that is already peeling off a piece of furniture. Easy way to salvage a piece for painting!

how to repair a stripped screw hole in wood

How to Repair a Stripped Screw Hole in Wood

This tutorial is for anyone that has a stripped screw hole in wood. Be it a door, a table leg, or anything else that will no longer hold a screw. This is an amazingly simple way to repair a hole and make the wood strong enough to hold a screw again!!Recently while working on an up-cycled coffee table, I purchased 4 unfinished table legs. In order to mount these legs to the tabletop I was using, the legs needed to have hanger bolts in their top end, but the legs I purchased did not. Figures.This post is in reference to where I "messed up" while installing the bolts in my leg... drilling a hole to large for my bolt.The technique I used to repair the stripped hole was super easy and it provided a strong enough fill that my bolt fit as tight and as it had been drilled into the original wood!This is how I did it.

how to fix watermarks on painted furniture, painted furniture, woodworking projects, Here is a water ring that started to appear after my first coat of paint

How to Fix Watermarks on Painted Furniture

Have you ever started to paint a piece of furniture, only to have a watermark start to appear in the paint? Or, maybe you have an unfinished piece of furniture with sap stains you want to paint.
Here is a simple technique to seal any stains on wood prior to painting. It requires only one product. Zinsser Bulls Eye Spray Shallac. This product will seal the mark or stain and prevent any bleed through. Dries in 5 minutes and can be sprayed over unfinished wood or on top of a mark that has already come through paint.

painted french dresser tutorial

Painted French Dresser Tutorial

Cream and gold is one of my favorite finishes for furniture. Add a hand painted french graphic, and the look is pure sophistication. This dresser was one of my favorites ever. Here is how to recreate this timeless and one of a kind look....

heart shaped aromatherapy pillow diy

Heart Shaped Aromatherapy Pillow DIY

Valentines. I am all onboard for giving out boxes brimming with chocolate to my loved ones. But, how about something extra? How about something handmade with care, that gives your loved ones sort of a "hug" when they use it? So, how aromatherapy pillow!Now in case you have never tried an aromatherapy rice pillow, they are WONDERFUL. They are small pillows filled loosely with rice and most often scented with essential oils. You can heat them in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and then use them for heat therapy on sore muscles or for pms cramping. Once heated, they deliver comforting warmth and the oils release the most relaxing scent. You can also put them in the freezer like an ice pack.Here is a tutorial for a snuggly heart shaped aromatherapy pillow...

the renovation of our old barn phase 1

The Renovation of Our Old Barn - Phase 1

Yes, we bought a house with a dilapidated barn. Somewhere under all the rotted wood we saw potential. We just couldn't tear it down! After two years, we were able to tackle this project. For all those old barns that dot the landscape, there is still hope!

poured wax and spices christmas ornament

Poured Wax and Spices Christmas Ornament

As part of the 2017 Ornament Exchange, I choose to make a wax ornament decorated with spices, berries and evergreens from my yard. This project was super easy and because you make these in batches, it was fun to experiment adding the decorations in differently. I love that this ornament uses natural elements, but I even added in small decorative snowflakes I had purchased from Michaels, so there are so many looks you could create!

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How to Clean Your Dried Up Paint Brushes

Anyone else out there ever leave a paint brush to dry up with paint after a project? Well I have! Here is my easy tip to restore even the paint brushes you thought were ruined for good.

diy vintage tool box table

DIY Vintage Tool Box Table

This summer while shopping a barn sale, I came across an awesome vintage wood tool chest. It was sturdy, nice and long and the finish had weathered to a beautiful patina. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I wanted to give it some legs.Influenced by my amazing friend Patty who works making tables and furnishings with reclaimed wood, I have been smitten by watching her put chunky legs on “things” and making furniture. I don’t have the carpentry skills of Patti…but this is so simple I knew even I could do it.For this project, I worked with the tool chest and 4 carved wooden legs to create a tall side table. I stained the legs a dark walnut, painted them with home made white chalk paint and distressed them, before attaching to the tool chest.This project only requires basic tools and the result is a one of a kind piece of furniture!For learn more about this tutorial, visit my website at

turning fu

Turning Furniture Into Art With an Octopus Sketch

A simple octopus sketch and an old piece piece of furniture together become a one of a kind piece of art. My recent obsession with octopuses inspired my latest piece of furniture...and anyone can create a piece of art. Here are my simple techniques using either an original sketch or a copy of your favorite image. Take a picture of your own sketch or save an image you find and copy onto transparency paper. Shine up on dresser. A projector allows you to make an image larger or smaller so you can fit your piece of furniture perfectly...and go bold! Oversized images are my favorite!

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