diy towel hooks

DIY Towel Hooks

Let’s make a couple of extra towel hooks. Let them look like giant stick candies.

diy chocolate bar organizer

DIY Chocolate Bar Organizer

Let's make a chocolate bar organizer for cotton pads and Q-tips is just what you need in your bathroom.

diy funny m m s holder

DIY Funny M&M’s Holder

These smart ideas of candy shaped bathroom decor will help you to change old boring accessories into new stuff.

diy candy shaped garland

DIY Candy-shaped Garland

Do you like marshmallow? Make the candy-shaped garland to light the mirror.

diy toilet paper holder

DIY Toilet Paper Holder

Do you want to decorate your bathroom for a holiday? What about a chewing gum toilet paper holder? Why not!

diy bulb money box

DIY Bulb Money Box

Don’t you get a place to keep your coins? The bulb money box will keep them safe and decorate your room interior.

diy soap dispenser from a big colored bulb

DIY Soap Dispenser From a Big Colored Bulb

What about a soap dispenser from a big colored bulb? Sounds weird but interesting!

diy hanging hi tech vase

DIY Hanging Hi-tech Vase

Today we'll share with you some awesome crafting life hacks with light bulbs! Make another hanging hi-tech vase.

diy stylish candle made out of light bulb

DIY Stylish Candle Made Out of Light Bulb

Don't hurry to throw away used light bulbs, you can add a little romance by turning a blank bulb into a stylish candle.

diy bulb sandglass

DIY Bulb Sandglass

Are you into unusual decor items? Then you’ll definitely like a bulb sandglass.

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