What do I use to make frosted glass look like snow?

I'm trying to make matching candlestick holders with my center piece. I read that i could use Mod Podge and Epson salt. I tested it out on a wine glass of mine but I... See more
q what do i use to make frosted glass look and a snow look

How can you clean the ceiling around the heat vent. I have and

I have dusted swept but still with dust and is in the kitchen It has a popcorn texture but don’t dare wash it for fear it will ruin the ceiling. Reminds me of the... See more

Large plastic frame

Any ideas on what to do with this large plastic frame I don't have glass for it and I'm not looking to invest a lot of money. I was thinking about hanging it on the... See more
q large plastic frame

How do I make storage for my grandson's collection of 5" cars?

I want to put it on the wall and make it easy for him (4 yrs old) to have easy access to.

Paulie Trisler
Paulie Trisler