how to color tone a christmas tree with spray paint and ornaments

How to Color Tone a Christmas Tree With Spray Paint and Ornaments

Have you ever wanted to make a theme tree with great color and special ornaments? Here's how we made our blue cookie cutter tree from scratch.

better winter sowing seed trays in storage bins outdoors, All sizes of bins will work for this project

Better Winter Sowing — Seed Trays in Storage Bins Outdoors

Winter Sowing can revolutionize your gardening by giving you a head start on the growing season. Plant seeds in winter, rather than wait until early Spring, and you'll find yourself hoping cold weather will last! Usually gardeners use recycled food containers for this project, but here's how I make Winter Sowing more efficient using large storage bins and ordinary nursery pots.

how i preserve leaves with furniture wax, Replace dried leaves with waxed leaves

How I Preserve Leaves With Furniture Wax

This is something new and so easy! I taught myself to preserve leaves in furniture wax. The wax is already liquid, clear, and non-toxic. No irons, crockpots, pans, or glue necessary. You can easily hot-glue these leaves to dried flower stalks to use in arrangements, or gild them, like I do.

make a decorative horse sculpture, My bronze horse started as a plastic toy

Make a Decorative Horse Sculpture

Using a brick and a toy horse, I made this faux bronze sculpture using chalk and metallic paints.

Stephie McCarthy
Stephie McCarthy
About meMy favorite projects are rustic, vintage, and often have botanical and fairy-tale themes. I'm restoring a 200-year old home in the BlueRidge and describe my style as "shabby castle."