farmhouse coffee pantry french armoire from curbside junk, chalk paint, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, This is the final result An ugly coffee table turned into a french buffet and two outdated cabinets become functional pantries

Farmhouse Coffee Pantry & French Armoire From Curbside Junk

I found some outdated 80's style curbside cabinets and an ugly coffee table for free and transformed them into a"mostly" French inspired armoire and buffet area using homemade chalk paint and five lovely graphics from one of my favorite sites Karen - The Graphics Fairy. (Sorry for the picture quality as my camera is on the fritz so these were taken with my cell phone)

potting table from 100 reclaimed items, gardening, painted furniture, pallet, repurposing upcycling, My new potting bench corner

Potting Table From 100% Reclaimed Items

I turned an unused corner of my backyard from an eyesore to a usable potting area using 100% reclaimed items I've found along the way. The base of the table was created from a 6' x 4' pallet which I cut in half lengthwise to make my L-shaped table. The rest of the table was made using discarded barn wood, old barn gates and fence pieces, leftover galvanized sheets from a roofing project, chicken wire and even boxes of discarded nails and screws I found. Now the space I've avoided like the plague is used daily and now serves a purpose. All from free, recycled materials.

how to create a faux leather finish using brown paper, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, And there you have it A faux leather finish that is simple and inexpensive to create I hope you found this tutorial useful and informative Note the finish on this piece was created using Raw Umber acrylic craft paint Good luck

How to Create a Faux Leather Finish Using Brown Paper

This tutorial will walk you through the steps to create a faux leather look simply by using brown craft paper, glue and paint or stain. This treatment can be used on furniture,walls, book covers and even floors!

a whimsical foxy woodland side table, painted furniture, A Foxy Little Table

A Whimsical Foxy Woodland Side Table

My love of nature, animals and springtime was my inspiration for this side table makeover. I wanted to create a fun and whimsical piece so I decided to do a woodland animals theme featuring an adorable fox, rabbits and squirrels using graphics from The Graphics Fairy. The chose a nature inspired color pallette of greens, browns, coppery bronze and a buttery yellow. I love how this piece turned out and it was a fun project to create.
Rabbits and squirrels jump around the borders of the front of the table. I love the trim on this piece which acts as a frame around the adorable Fox.

2 steamer trunk inspired curbside dresser makeover, painted furniture, After Steamer Chest inspired Chest of Drawers

Steamer Trunk Inspired Curbside Chest of Drawers Makeover

This chest of drawers was rescued from the curbside and I decided to turn it into a Steampunk/Steamer Trunk inspired chest. I created the faux leather drawers with brown paper bags and the rivets were created with inexpensive wooden hole plugs from Home Depot. Total cost to makeover this chest was $2

mini greenhouse from old windows that changes with the seasons, christmas decorations, easter decorations, gardening, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday d cor, Build a mini greenhouse you can enjoy indoors and change decor with the seasons

Mini Greenhouse From Old Windows That Changes With The Seasons

I've been wanting to make a mini greenhouse for some time now and I was finally able to procure some lovely, old vintage windows for free which were salvaged from an old house in my area. The greenhouse is currently decorated for the Fall season and will change "scenes" throughout the year. I plan on setting up my Christmas village in the greenhouse in December and an Easter theme in the Spring and so on. It’s something so simple yet puts a smile on my face whenever I walk by it. This mini greenhouse is over 5 feet tall but you could easily make a smaller one using smaller windows.

my shipwreck water lily pond, diy, flowers, gardening, outdoor living, pallet, repurposing upcycling, I created boat seats simply by laying boards across the front and back of the boat

My "Shipwreck" Water Lily Pond

What do you do when you find awesome 10 foot long pallets that look like boardwalks and rescue an unloved, cracked and weathered 8 foot boat hull? Turn them into a water garden with a "boat dock" seating area!

a discarded dresser gets a french clouterie makeover, painted furniture, After Hand painted distressed and new hardware

A Discarded Dresser Gets a French Clouterie Makeover

This dresser was a curbside find. It's former owner had written all over it with ink and had carved drawings into the drawer fronts. After cleaning, sanding, distressing, painting and new hardware, I turned it into a vintage french highboy dresser. Karen - The Graphics Fairy

my ranch style rustic pallet daybed, diy, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture, pallet, repurposing upcycling, rustic furniture, woodworking projects, This is the completed daybed table and burlap curtain

My Ranch-Style, Rustic Pallet Daybed

I wanted a cozy area for my dogs to hang out at the ranch where I board my horses, so I created this pallet "daybed" on the porch of my tack room using discarded HT pallets from a local feed store. I also made a small table from an old cable roll I found in a wood pile and used some leftover burlap I had to make a side curtain. Now my dogs can snooze in the shade while I'm tending to my horses. It's also people friendly! I got my inspiration from an amazing pallet sofa made by FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna

Yvette Gray
Yvette Gray