fast and simple christmas wreath

Fast and Simple Christmas Wreath

This Christmas, I’m physically limited in what I can do, but I love decorating and giving gifts. On Dec. 11, there was no wreath on my door. I had stripped my huge grapevine wreath of all flowers and ribbon a few days before. I poked through the only Christmas storage box in the house and found just enough to make a simple decorated wreath that came together in no time.

summer memories in an old clock frame

Summer Memories in an Old Clock Frame

We picked up many shells and shards this summer. The condo we stayed in had a huge picture frame filled with local shells, twigs etc. That brought me to a clock frame!

bathroom hacks for seniors like me, For kids only

Bathroom Hacks for Seniors Like Me

I realized that I’m using several hacks in my bathroom. I’m not necessarily proud of these. They are not staged. But they really help me. I can’t bend over and I can’t stretch up, and I love to be organized, although I seldom reach perfection. But maybe you or somebody you know could use a little help like me. Enjoy! And let me know which, if any, of these ideas strike your fancy.

now envelopes for old

New Envelopes for Old!

We recently received many greeting cards when my husband retired after Pastoring for 45 years. I already found a purpose for the front sides of the cards (in a later post). But I wanted to find a real purpose. And I also had another idea.

tree trunk slice decor star

Tree Trunk Slice Decor Star

I took a tree trunk slice before a tree was hauled away, used a rainbow of color, and made a surprise piece of decor I can use in many situations

perk up a spa tub shelf

Perk Up a Spa Tub Shelf

Summer is over, and the little garden on my spa tub shelf was pooped out. I asked my granddaughter to help me revive the space for her and my other little granddaughter. I hope this inspires you to do something with your tub shelf, or to spend time with your family doing a project.

faux anthropologie tiny pots more

Faux Anthropologie Tiny Pots & More

Anthropologie tiny flower pots are about $17 and up, each. I watched a nice video on YouTube showing five AnthropologIe Projects using dollar store materials. I thought I could fake it, too. You can decide for yourself. I had some tiny pots I had used before, but now I’m tired of them. Time for a change, so why not a classy upgrade to an Anthropologie design, or four!

perk up a personal reading alcove

Perk Up a Personal Reading Alcove

Perking up a personal space should be easy, right? Well, mine is used by different members of the family as a place to open mail, play with the portable fairy gardens, catch a catnap, drop extra pillows and throws, and leave anything they can’t find another space for. That doesn’t count me! I like to sit in the chair while I drink a cup of green tea, read my Bible, have my devotion and pray, look at the sunlight and pretty objects, and read a good book. I also sit here during a “sick headache”, when I need a soothing place for silence and only low light. Let’s see if we can change the nook for my pleasure.

replace a broken toilet flapper, Pretty in purple

Replace a Broken Toilet Flapper

Who, me? It’s so easy, even your cat could do it. Or not, I don’t know your cat.

inspired by friendship theater trunk, It s trimmed in gold

Inspired by Friendship-Theater Trunk

One of my best friends gave me a lovely small trunk and silk greenery. She and her husband moved hundreds of miles away, and they travel as much as 8-9 months a year. She went for hikes in the Alps, strolls through Scotland farmland, and walks around the Roman Colloseum and much more this summer. I miss her so much. I retrieved the trunk from a corner in the living room and thought about some of the projects I want to do, and knew she would approve. We both love our families.I needed storage for our grandchildren’s costumes and dress up accessories. This trunk, the larger of two, was the perfect size!

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