how to build inexpensive mudroom benches

How to Build Inexpensive Mudroom Benches

Our mudroom is one of the most used rooms in our house. It is combined with our laundry room so there is always a constant flow of laundry and children in and out of this room. The mudroom is between our garage and the front hall, and when we enter the house it’s through the mudroom. We had a lack of functional storage for each of the kids, so shoes, coats and bags just ended up all over the floor. I really wanted to take care of the storage situation, and the first thing to take care of was building the benches.

how to make budget friendly christmas string art

How to Make Budget Friendly Christmas String Art

A few weeks ago my friend and I hosted a string art craft night at my house for our church lady friends. We had a group of 20 ladies hammering and crafting away at these Christmas string art projects. It was great! I finally finished mine this week, and I’m here to show you how you can make your own.

how to make a plaid pillow using a drop cloth and stencil

How to Make a Plaid Pillow Using a Drop Cloth and Stencil

Here is how to make a unique cushion cover using a drop cloth, stencils, and chalk style paint! I painted an antique rocking chair for my porch decor, and wanted to add some inexpensive decor to match. So I decided to paint some plaid fabric, and make my own pillow. I started by picking out my plaid stencil. The stencil I used is called the plaid shirt stencil by Fusion Mineral paint. This stencil comes with two sheets, one with thicker lines, and one with thin lines.

how to paint a vintage rocking chair

How to Paint a Vintage Rocking Chair

I found this vintage rocking chair at a yard sale last summer for $10! It had been sitting outside in the rain for awhile, so I didn’t really want to pay very much for it. But when the owner said $10 I figured I could afford that, even if it was a little weathered. I just loved the curves on it and thought it was a really unique piece of furniture. Here is how I gave this vintage rocking chair a makeover using crackle medium and Fusion Mineral Paint homestead blue.

how to organize your closets with custom built ins

How to Organize Your Closets With Custom Built Ins

After we built our house, one of the final things to do was make custom built in shelves for our closets. We wanted to keep it simple and inexpensive, but also maximize the storage space. I’m going to show you how we designed our closets, built all our custom shelving, and organized the spaces so you can draw some inspiration for your own home.

how to update your closet with vintage glass pulls

How to Update Your Closet With Vintage Glass Pulls

Here is how your can easily update your closet doorknobs, while also adding some character and charm!

before and after swing set makeover

How to Transform an Outdoor Swing Set

This swing set makeover started as an idea I had while mowing the lawn. When I mow the lawn I like to make it as easy as possible, and have as few things in the way as possible to mow around. So I decided that I’d move the sandbox that we had in a separate location and build it into our existing play structure. I'm going to show you how I prepped the swing set, stained it, and built a much larger sandbox to complete this transformation!

how to make your own wood nativity for christmas

How to Make Your Own Wood Nativity for Christmas

I had a request to make a wood nativity for my sister-in-law’s Willow Tree nativity figurines. I love getting requests and coming up with a design to create something. Here is how I made a DIY wood nativity for decorating your home fro Christmas. You can adapt the design to whatever size you need, but this is a great size for the Willow Tree figurines.

how to install your own above ground pool

How to Install Your Own Above Ground Pool

Are you thinking of installing your own above ground pool? We finished installing our pool a few weeks ago, and I must say that we learned a lot. I'm going to show you our experience installing our own pool, and give you some tips for how you can do your own!

how to build deck stairs from pressure treated lumber

How to Build Deck Stairs From Pressure Treated Lumber

Once we put up our above ground pool we wanted a way to easily get from inside the house and to the pool. Let me just start by saying that this is one of the biggest and most difficult projects I’ve tackled by myself. Ten years ago I barely touched any tools and was afraid of most of them. My husband is amazing, but he’s a busy man too; my “honey-do” list is so long that I can’t always ask him to do everything for me. So eventually I started learning how to use tools and building up my confidence and experience. And now I’m tackling bigger and more difficult projects, like these stairs. All that to say, is that you too can do it! If you’re afraid to use tools or to tackle a project by yourself, just start. You will learn and build up the confidence to tackle more and more!

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