old window with a view, Chico the Parrot

Old Window With a View

In 2010 I was struck out of the blue with the idea for these paintings. Literally had an old window and grabbed it and started painting. As I continued to do more paintings I found that I had to fix the glazing on some of the old windows. I liked the chippiness so I left it. I changed methods of painting as I painted each window until I found what works for me. I could have used a drawing taped to the back of each window that I could follow, but I think freehand painting worked best for me. These are not reverse painted, I have enough trouble visualizing things head on, so I didn't make it too complicated. I've sold these at shops at the beach in North Carolina.

ethereal face of a woman on a brooch pin

Ethereal Face of a Woman on a Brooch/pin...

A big shout out to Pat Ruge at Hometalk who provided me the inspiration to try this project. I followed Pat's steps so I didn't post them here. I purchased the mold, which makes about 10 faces in various sizes and can be reused, at Joann's. I ordered some flat bar magnets for the back of the piece as I plan to make it into a brooch that can be worn on a coat, sweater, dress or handbag. (I once had a part time job at a well known boutique and saw magnets used on some of their brooches).