seashore modern art

Seashore Modern Art

This past summer, we went to the beach for a few days and I found a large piece of sea sponge. Large for the North Carolina coast anyway. I picked it up and tossed it in the car for our ride back home. I propped it on the bookcase until I could decide what to do with it. I thought about incorporating into the shell mirror. It was too large for that.

gold mirror makeover with chalk paint

Gold Mirror Makeover With Chalk Paint

We have a mirror I’ve had since the 70s. Octagonal, gold frame, beveled glass. It’s been a good mirror. I’ve used it in halls, over mantels, in bathrooms. Good size for many locations. It’s versatile.

bird feeders and of silver china

Bird Feeders and Planters of Silver & China

This started with some dishes my guy brought home from an abandoned house.Moss Rose china pattern by Johann Haviland. 6 plates, 6 fruit bowls, 6 dessert dishes, 6 saucers and 5 cups. We’d heard of Haviland, but neither of us knew their value, if any.After Googling around, I found the story about Johann. David Haviland, an American, moved to Limoges, France in the mid-1800s and founded the original Haviland China Company. David had two sons. One was John. There was fussing. The family had issues. The company split. Some of this china today is nothing special. Mine was nothing special. I saved the plates and fruit bowls for breakfast dishes. But what to do with the rest?Bird feeders! Planters!

ollas for watering your garden, Photo courtesy Permaculture Research

Ollas for Watering Your Garden

Or: The sub-surface irrigation technological device Ollas. Oi-Yahs. I know, I said, O-lahs, at first, too. But, that’s wrong.The Spanish settlers brought the first ones to the Southwest, but let’s face it, the native American Indians had been using pots for years. And, that’s all it is. A pot. A porous, terracotta pot. You chose what you want to do with it.I found this statement on Etsy: It is an emitter, that is buried under, or near a plant's root system. It makes an osmotic field, of moisture underground.It's a buried porous pot that waters your plants. Nothing more. And they can be rather expensive depending on where you buy it and the size.

plain pantry made awesome

Plain Pantry Made Awesome

We renovated a little cottage on a lovely lake in South Carolina. It had a bi-fold door pantry in the kitchen. Just think a mid-70s bedroom closet . . . right in your kitchen. It had three shelves covered in grease, dust, and unidentifiable spilled stuff. Twenty-year-old ick. This could not remain. I wish I'd taken before and after pictures, but we were pretty sick during the reno. I got pneumonia and my husband's back and shoulder were bothering him so much so, that within a month of moving in, he had shoulder replacement surgery and an epidural for his back. But here is a picture just after we finished the pantry redo.

seashell mirror

Seashell Mirror

Our youngest daughter and I were in one of those little shops a few years ago and I admired a large, over-the-fireplace-type seashell mirror in all white shells. A mere $1000.I could do that, I told myself.My guy brings home stuff he finds when out and about. Some of it’s pretty good. Some of it’s tacky. Some of it doesn’t ever make it across our threshold. But, you never know just what treasures he may find.

awesome table from a stump

Awesome Table From a Stump

Last fall, lightning struck a tree during a rain storm and it toppled over in our yard. Huge pine. We pulled out a few nice chunks for stools or tables down at the fire pit and cut up the rest for firewood.One piece, near where the lightning struck it, was all splintery. I pulled that aside thinking it had character.

Susan W Bosscawen
Susan W Bosscawen