30 second hack to clean up spilled nail polish

30 Second Hack to Clean up Spilled Nail Polish!

Today I made a huge mess. I accidentally dropped a bottle of nail polish on the hard kitchen floor and not only did the top crack right off, but it starting spinning in circles, spewing purple nail polish in a giant spiral all over the floor! Thankfully spilled nail polish is super easy to clean up and within minutes the floor looked good as new.

cleaning difficult items with denture tablets

Cleaning Difficult Items With Denture Tablets!

Have you ever had an item that no matter what you tried, you just can't figure out how to clean it? It all started a few months ago when I was trying to clean a vase out. I had tried just about every brush and solution I had to clean it but I just couldn't reach down the narrow neck into the larger bottom to get all the scum out of it! Without being able to scrub it, the residue just sat there glued to the sides. Forever.

egghead easter craft

Egghead Easter Craft

I've been saving eggshells and using them to start seeds. They are perfect for herbs and look so much cuter on the windowsill then those plastic nursery starter pots. The lavender started sprouting and the way it was growing almost made the eggshell look like...well, an egghead! First I started laughing at it. Then I started thinking. Guess what happened next? I discovered a cute and simple Easter craft!

how to clean silver without chemicals

How to Clean Silver Without Chemicals

I hate cleaning silver jewelry. All that rubbing, polishing and trying to get into all the nooks and crannies. Plus the smell and feel of silver polish...Yuck! I have looked for years for a better solution and nothing really worked as well as I'd like it to. Until now.

how to color eggs with silk

How to Color Eggs With Silk

It came to my attention a few years ago that you could dye eggs for Easter with only silk fabric, vinegar and water. "What is this sorcery?" and set out to find out if it was really true. It turns out that it is, and to make it even better....it was pretty darn easy!

easy sew sinus headache pillow

Easy Sew Sinus Headache Pillow

I 'may have' mentioned a time or two that I get headaches. I have tried lots of different methods to get rid of them and it seems like anything that works, doesn't work all the time. During this last bout of headaches, I reasoned that due to an accompanying stuffy nose they were most likely sinus headaches. Thankfully I made a lavender eye mask. Simply heat it up in the microwave and lay across the eye/forehead area for about 15 minutes. Instant relief!

my 20 garden bed

My $20 Garden Bed

The area under my front porch has been the messiest spot in the yard since we moved here. The guy that built this house did many things quite oddly and this is one of them. The base of the stairs are rather large and just sort of ends. The ground was uneven and large rocks littered the area. I don't think grass was ever planted under there as it was a tangle of weeds amid bare spots. Finally I got sick of it and decided to get it fixed. First I talked to a landscaper that wanted almost $200 to redo the area. After I stopped laughing, I started planning.

how to dye feathers cheaply

How to Dye Feathers Cheaply

I have a really long list of crafts I want to make. In looking at that list (ok, I admit it...it's a Pinboard!) I notice one big issue, I'm going to need a lot of feathers. Not just any feathers though, multicolored ones! Some of these are very specific colors too. With 80 assorted poultry is residence I have plenty of feathers it's just a matter of getting them the color I want. Obviously I'm going to have to dye them, but how? So glad you asked, because I have 3 different feather dying methods that I decided to try out...this is the easiest one.

how i pruned the christmas cactus

How I Pruned the Christmas Cactus

I decided to prune my Christmas cactus to make it bushier. It didn't quite work...I made it prettier instead! Here's what I did, why it bloomed, and how to tell the difference between a Christmas cactus and a Thanksgiving cactus.

how to grow cucamelons

How to Grow Cucamelons!

Every year I try to grow something in my garden that we have never had before. It gives us a chance to try something new that we normally wouldn't have access to. Last year I decided to grow Cucamelons (Melothria scabra).

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