rhubarb growing harvesting 8 recipes for cooking rhubarb

Rhubarb - Growing & Harvesting - 8 Recipes for Cooking Rhubarb

Rhubarb is so easy to grow, especially in northern gardens. It's a perennial plant so plant it once and watch it grow every single year! Here's how to grow Rhubarb, plus 8 recipes.

dry herbs without a dehydrator

Dry Herbs Without a Dehydrator

Herbs are great! They are easy to grow and easy to dry so you can enjoy them all year round. Grow perennial herbs like Oregano, Thyme, Mint and Lovage - they will die back in the fall and start growing again in the Spring.

diy paint your ugly counter top to look like granite for 100

DIY Paint Your Ugly Counter Top to Look Like Granite For $100!

If you've got an ugly counter top like we did, change it up instead of replacing it. Save hundreds of dollars and do like we did....paint it to look like granite. It sure beats the lime green it used to be!

how to paint that old grooved wood paneling

How to Paint That Old Grooved Wood Paneling

We had a house with that old 1960's wood panelling. You know - that horrid stuff with the grooves? Here's how we totally updated it, brightened up our house AND save a bunch of money!NOTE: The $700 cost was for the ENTIRE HOUSE.

how to fix up that ugly stairwell

How to Fix Up That Ugly Stairwell!

Do you have a stairwell that is this ugly? Seriously, have you ever seen one that is worse than this?Wait till you see what we did to change this up! It has totally transformed our entry way.

grow and use stevia plants in place of sugar

Grow and Use Stevia Plants in Place of Sugar

We have all heard about how bad sugar is for us. I love some sweetener in my coffee but we try to eat very little sugar. When I found out about the Stevia plant, I thought perhaps this would be a good alternative!Now each year I grow a few Stevia plants, then prepare the leaves to use in tea and even baking. I start them indoors and grow all season long. You can plant seed anytime during the year if you want indoor plants.Stevia is really very easy to grow - it seems to be sweeter than sugar, so less is more here!

how we built a greenhouse for under 200

How We Built a Greenhouse for Under $200

Since we live in the North, we need a greenhouse to grow tomatoes, peppers and maybe some squash. Ours is not heated but we get great harvests every year.Here's how we built our greenhouse for under $200.

make a flower bed for the shade, gardening, window treatments, windows, Creeping Jenny in the foreground

Make a Flower Bed for the Shade

Shady areas of your yard can look absolutely gorgeous is you create a flower bed. Using perennials means those plants should come back every year. Be sure to get plants that will survive your gardening zone.Shade loving perennials are very beautiful and some are simply striking! Mix up your favourite shades of green and burgundy & let your imagination go a little wild.Then, add some chairs and enjoy a nice cool place to sit in the summer afternoons.Read here at Country Living in a Cariboo Valley to find out how I made this beautiful low maintenance flower bed for the shade.

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