How do i select perennial plants, sun n shade, self-spreaders??

In other words, there's just no room for my lawn tractor to mow in front of my house. I would love aggressive varieties to choke out the typical grass and weeds. I'm... See more

Roses in front of or under trees-a good idea?

I'm getting ready to rearrange my front yard. I have 3 young trees, an elm between 2 maples. They are within 10 feet of each other and I know I have to pare it down... See more

How can you tell if the subfloor beneath a shower base is in good?

The shower had been built with 4x4 ceramic tiles. The grouting failed and tiles fell off. I want to reuse the shower base and just replace the walls, but how can I... See more
q how can you tell if the subfloor beneath a shower base is in good

I'll take, What is That? Alec, for $100, please?

I have a 110 year old house. I want to dig out the dirt under the downspout to direct rain away from the house through an underground plastic drainage pipe. (This is... See more
q i ll take what is that alec for 100 please

How deep does a bush's tap root grow down? Can I use salt to kill it?

In the pic, the hand tool is pointing at a white dot, which is the top of the bush's tap root. It is still 3/4" across, at least, and you can tell from the exposed... See more
q how deep does a bush s tap root grow down can i use salt to kill it

How to clean stains between metal grid and glass door of microwave?

Someone burnt popcorn in it-big time! It looked like smoke damage but it turned orange after I sprayed it with the strongest cleaner we had and a scrub brush between... See more

Wallpaper? Eh? or OMG outdated! or maybe making a comeback...

I have wallpaper on one wall in my west-facing living room that is imitates 4" sq. tiles. It was old when I bought the house in 1985. The 4x4s are a glorious gold... See more

Sharpening garden tools

I have some major yard and garden projects planned but I inherited rusted and dull tools. If I replaced the tools I would have blown the budget for the project. How... See more

Do I really need to put 4 inches of gravel under my new sidewalk?

Also, what do I do with the 220 underground wire that had apparently been buried under the old sidewalk? I really can't afford an electrician, that's partly why it's... See more

Heated sidewalk to melt snow?

I need to replace my sidewalk. It's broken and seems to be sinking. I'm hoping there's a simple way to imbed something like those pipe heating strips so I could flip... See more

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