lighted hose summer wreath

Lighted Hose Summer Wreath

In this simple tutorial, I want to show you how to make a stunning lighted hose summer wreath.

old glory the declaration of independence patriotic wall art

Old Glory & The Declaration of Independence Patriotic Wall Art

I wanted to do a quick project for the Independence Day holiday – something that delved deeper into the meaning of the day. Red, white and blue cupcakes and the like are all well and good, but I fear the true heart of the holiday beats weaker with each passing year and with each successive generation. I had an idea for something to hang on the wall: the original draft of the Declaration of Independence flanked by the Betsy Ross flag and the 50-star flag. It would be a simple thing to make: print out the flags and the Declaration, Mod Podge them onto a piece of plywood (it would be my first time using Mod Podge), and stick that into a frame that I would make. This easy project would serve as a reminder of those whose words and ideas shaped our nation.Well, let me tell you, there’s no such thing as “simple” when Mod Podge is involved. Or maybe it's just me...To start, I cut a piece of 1/4 inch plywood to size and painted it with some homemade dark charcoal chalk paint.

diy stay awhile sign and free printables

DIY Stay Awhile Sign

We finally started renovating our laundry room/mudroom hybrid room. Since the majority of the room will serve as a mudroom, I wanted to have something nice and welcoming when we walk into the house. While searching for a “Welcome” sign idea, I happened to land on an Etsy page with tons of “Stay Awhile” signs. And oh boy – did I get inspired! With dozens of ideas in mind, I ran downstairs to our basement and grabbed a frame that would fit my needs.

how to create a perfect landscape ring

How to Create a Perfect Landscape Ring

This tutorial is part of our Lamp Post Makeover project. If you read that post, you'll remember that our old lamp post stuck crookedly up out of an unruly bed of growth contained by a lopsided "circle" of rocks.

lamp post makeover

Lamp Post Makeover

Our lamposts are white and crooked. No, no, they're not politicians, you silly. But they do need some straightening out...and a little black paint. In this post, I'll show you what we did with the first one. The others are still waiting...Their time will come this summer.

how to fix a sagging door

How to Fix a Sagging Door

When Handan and I tackled our pantry makeover project, one of the things we had to contend with was a sagging pantry door. Over the years, the house settled, and the door began to sag on the handle side. When Handan installed shelves on the inside of the door and loaded it up with heavy items, the door sagged to the floor and started to rub.

pantry makeover

Pantry Makeover

My pantry is pretty simple: it’s a small closet space with wire shelves. Part of the space extends beyond the door and is a little harder to reach. As far as pantries go, it’s not the smallest, but it sure ain’t the biggest either. My problem has always been how to organize it properly (and keep it organized).The full before pic was blurry, but I managed to get top half and bottom half pics. You can see that anything behind the front row is unseen and quickly forgotten on those top two shelves. That top shelf in particular held many secrets behind the bread and Nutella. Sometimes I’d find year-old cookies (bonus!), but often they’d be picked clean, save for one cookie (The Boy found the stash and slowly drained it – boo!). Sometimes I’d find green bread (science!), and sometimes I’d find hippie crap like quinoa (when the hell did I buy that…and WHY?)

faux bone inlay tray

Faux Bone Inlay Tray

During the brief time we lived in India, one of the things I fell in love with was the bone inlay furniture they make. Now let me tell you – bone inlay is truly work of art! Do you know how long it takes them to make a piece of furniture? Weeks…and sometimes even months, depending on the piece! Very interesting and tedious process overall. But that is why these beautiful bone inlay pieces come with a hefty price tag. Even a small tray is out of our reach, and even if we could afford it, you know me – I would never spend that kind of money on a piece of furniture or decor! That is why stenciling a faux bone inlay was the way to go! :-)I actually wanted to try this on a bigger piece, but because these stencils are pretty intricate, I didn’t want to mess up on a large scale or have a nervous break down while trying to finish it, LOL. Digging through our basement for a suitable piece, I found this little old wooden tray among the other million Put & Take finds I brought home. It was the perfect little thing for this faux bone inlay project.

vintage step stool makeover and free mandala stencil designs

Vintage Step Stool Makeover and Free Mandala Stencil Designs

I love painting and the power of paint! Hence I just keep changing the color of things until I am happy with them, and this little vintage step stool is a perfect example of that.

farmhouse patent art

Farmhouse Patent Art and Free Printables

The Farmhouse bandwagon is still running at full speed, as far as I can tell. And, hey, when the bandwagon is running, you better jump on board from time to time, right? So let’s hear it for Farmhouse!FARMHOUSE! FARMHOUSE!RAH RAH FARMHOUSE!You know, now that I think about it, I’m not really jumping on any bandwagons, and I’m not really all that full of crap (though Handan may disagree). I actually worked on a farm here in Glastonbury, Connecticut when I was a kid. I’d say that gives me more Farmhouse cred than most people blathering on about it these days!Okay look, I wasn’t out there milkin’ cows or collectin’ eggs or forkin’ hay or anything like that. But I was picking tobacco and driving old tractors and climbing around in the rafters of old barns. In the mornings, we used to pick tomatoes for an hour before heading over to the tobacco fields. Man, I hated that. Not only did it require constant and repeated bending (Ken Horton grew his tomatoes on the ground, not up on trellises), but afterwards, my hands reeked of tomato stem – a smell I can’t stand to this day. Just ask Handan – whenever we’re out working with our tomato plants, I whine like a three-year-old about those smelly stems. But those Horton tomatoes were excellent. We’d eat them like apples, straight from the bush. And that’s the other problem with those summer mornings spent bent over like an old crone: those tomatoes were so dang good that they ruined all other tomatoes for me! Unless they are farm-fresh and perfectly ripe, I won’t touch them. Working at the farm had turned me into a tomato snob, lol!Now here’s the thing about Farmhouse: it’s all about making your house look like it just popped out of 1931. Except for the kitchen appliances. Gotta have that fancy range and a refrigerator that knows more than you do. You know the one that monitors your inventory and fires off an order to Amazon whenever your free-range eggs, organic skim milk, Yoplait and gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-free snacky cakes dip below critical thresholds? Yeah, that one. Here’s the real question, though – do any actual farmers live in houses decorated in the current Farmhouse style? Or do they look at all of this faux-farmy stuff and just shake their heads and wish they actually had time to decorate?If you’re a real farmer, please let me know in the comments.Well, either way, we’re going for Farmhouse, and what better way to capture that vintage charm, than with prints of old farm patents? It’s genius! Let’s get to ’em!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ YOU CAN DOWNLOAD ALL OF THESE PRINTABLES ABSOLUTELY FREE OVER AT OUR BLOG! So be sure to click on over when you're done here.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We are giving you 6 Farmhouse Patent Art printables in two sizes (16 x 20 inches and 24 x 36 inches) and with three different backgrounds (aged parchment, ivory parchment and chalkboard). As a bonus, we're also giving away 6 Olive Branch botanical printables (again in 2 sizes and three backgrounds) and a really cool Phonetic Alphabet printable in two sizes (30 x 60 inches and 30 x 72 inches) You can’t have a respectable farm without a tractor, right? Wellllll, then you can’t have a Farmhouse without one of these tractor prints!

Handan & Greg @ The Navage Patch
Handan & Greg @ The Navage Patch
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