How do I macrame a bridge for a cat?

I want to macramé a bridge for a cat. I want it to be 5" wide and 6' long and be very tight. I can macramé the bridge, but don't know how to estimate how long the strands should be. Any ideas?

How do I stencil without paint leakage?

I am trying to stencil designs on some boxes I am making for my cats to play in. I tried first not using anything to hold the stencil down tightly - that didn't work at all. So I got some Spray Adhesive made by Stencil Ease. I tried spraying lightly. Not any better than using nothing at all. Then I sprayed heavier and heavier. That helped a lot, but there was still some leakage under the stencil. But worse than that, now there is a bunch of sticky stuff on the box that I am having to paint over so it doesn't show as much. How do I get a clear sharp edge on the design without making a sticky mess on my project? I'm sure the cats don't care, but I do! Am I using the wrong paint (Behr from Home Depot)? Or wrong brush (I've tried a stencil brush, an artist pointy brush, and a regular paint brush). HELP - WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???

How do I make something with a whisky barrel?

There is a whisky distillery near me that sells old barrels. Any ideas of what I could do with one?

How can I stencil a filing cabinet?

I have a brand new filing cabinet and I want to stencil it using Wood Icing. Will Wood Icing work on a new cabinet or do I need to prep it first? If I need to prep it first, what should I use? Any hints?

How can I protect this chair?

I bought this chair a few days ago and I want to be able to leave it outdoors in a wooded area. What can I do to protect the wood? I'm trying to include a picture, but don't know how.
q how can i protect this chair

Tobi Wyszomirski
Tobi Wyszomirski