woodland animal gift bag

Woodland Animal Gift Bag

There are so many ways to transform a plain gift bag into something special but today I’m going to share an adorable woodland creature paper bag gift wrap idea. I will show you how to make three different critters, a deer (or make it a reindeer if you like) fox and owl

diy dog proof litter box

Diy Dog Proof Litter Box

This DIY dog proof litter box enclosure is the purrrfect solution for dogs that can’t seem to stay out of the litter box. If you have pups that think that the cat’s box is the best place in the house to score themselves a little snack then try this tutorial and transform a regular cabinet into a place where your kitty can safely do their business. Bonus! The DIY dog proof litter box is nice looking and blends in with your decor making it a great solution for apartments and small homes.

diy alcohol advent calendar

DIY Alcohol Advent Calendar

What’s better that getting an Advent calendar filled with chocolate or treats? One filled with booze! This DIY alcohol Advent calendar is a fun way for grown ups to celebrate the holiday season. Feeling stressed this Christmas? Not to worry, this calendar is filled with a different miniature alcohol bottle for every day from December 1st- 24th. From gin to vodka, whiskey and wine, reveal a different bottle and mix yourself up a special drink after work because the tree isn’t the only thing getting lit this year.

log reindeer

Log Reindeer

My log reindeer project was inspired by one my mom made many years ago for her home. It’s a simple woodworking project that only requires two cuts of your saw. This log reindeer is perfect to display in your home or on your front porch during the holidays and you can keep him up all year long by changing up the accessories on his antlers each season. Use these wooden log reindeer plans to make your own festive holiday wall decor.

diy gnome

DIY Gnome

Learn how to make a DIY gnome in one afternoon. These cute Scandinavian gnomes are made with a pair of socks, nylon stockings, wool roving and plaid fabric. It’s a super easy craft for the holiday season and you can change the gnome’s clothing and accessories to make him fit any season or holiday. Adults and kids of all ages will love to make a DIY gnome this winter. Its the perfect craft project for a cold winter day spent indoors.

holiday gift wreath

Holiday Gift Wreath

Learn how to make a Christmas wreath from scratch with this easy tutorial. Evergreen wreaths are a wonderful gift to give during the holidays and they look great hung indoors or outdoors. Use tree trimmings from around your yard to make this one of a kind Christmas wreath. This wreath has an extra surprise, a jar of honey is attached to the wreath to make a one of a kind holiday gift for someone special.

winter wonderland hallway decor

Winter Wonderland Hallway Decor

Looking for some Christmas hallway decoration ideas? I transformed the hallway in my home into a winter wonderland magical forest. Check out my ideas to decorate your hallway with Christmas decorations and winter props. Snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and taped to the walls add a touch of whimsy while colorful twinkle lights make the mood more festive. Try these Christmas hallway decorations and you’ll be walking in a winter wonderland!

pumpkin fish tutorial

Pumpkin Fish Tutorial

Use small autumn gourds made of foam and transform them into cute pumpkin fish. Fins and faces are made from polymer sculpting clay and glued to the pumpkins for fun, festive holiday decor.

main street mickey pumpkin tutorial

Main Street Mickey Pumpkin Tutorial

Disney lovers rejoice! This Mickey pumpkin is a great way to share your love of Disney over the autumn season. It’s an easy, no-carve Jack O’ Lantern that your kids will adore and can be saved and displayed year after year. Use faux foam pumpkins, craft paint and a little bit of modeling clay to make this Main Street Mickey pumpkin replica.

carved pumpkin centerpiece

Carved Pumpkin Centerpiece

Make this floral centerpiece using a real or fake carved pumpkin. The pumpkin will be the vase for this arrangement. Make a festive flower arrangement for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

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