main street mickey pumpkin tutorial

Main Street Mickey Pumpkin Tutorial

Disney lovers rejoice! This Mickey pumpkin is a great way to share your love of Disney over the autumn season. It’s an easy, no-carve Jack O’ Lantern that your kids will adore and can be saved and displayed year after year. Use faux foam pumpkins, craft paint and a little bit of modeling clay to make this Main Street Mickey pumpkin replica.

carved pumpkin centerpiece

Carved Pumpkin Centerpiece

Make this floral centerpiece using a real or fake carved pumpkin. The pumpkin will be the vase for this arrangement. Make a festive flower arrangement for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

mini halloween terrarium

Mini Halloween Terrarium

Looking for a fun Halloween craft that’s more classy than creepy? Try this DIY mini Halloween terrarium project. It’s an easy-to-make indoor decoration. After Halloween is over you can remove the painted stone and replace it with an air plant or some crystals. Grab the kids and start collecting some rocks. Make this easy Halloween decoration in just one afternoon.

tin heart bunting

Tin Heart Bunting

This tin heart bunting is super easy to make. You see, the tin is actually vinyl!\ The vinyl panels are from DIY Decor Store and are plastic manufactured to look like tin. They are meant to be used for a backsplash, but I easily cut my scrap pieces with scissors into heart shapes to make this tin heart bunting.

halloween bathroom decor

Halloween Bathroom Decor

If you are hosting a Halloween party don't forget to decorate the bathroom. Keep the party going in the one part of your house you know everyone will go into at some point. Guests will love to check out your creepy bathroom so set the scene with easy and cheap Halloween decorations.

science lab essential oil burner

Science Lab Essential Oil Burner

One thing I love to do no matter what time of the year it is, is to scent my home with essential oils. I have several types of oil warmers and diffusers all around my house. I recently saw a neat lab flask oil warmer over at Free People . I decided to figure out how to make my own version, but at a fraction of the price. The Free People version will set you back over $160 but mine only cost $40 including shipping. I purchased the lab supplies from American Science Surplus. You can also find the lab stand, clamp and flask on Ebay or similar sites. Go get your lab coat and safety googles, I’m going to show you how to make a scientifically-awesome essential oil warmer!

recycled license plate sign

Recycled License Plate Sign

This recycled license plate sign can be made in less than an hour and you can customize it to say anything you want. I made this sign for my daughter, Chloe to put on display in her room.

wood burned picture frame

Wood Burned Picture Frame

This picture frame is easy to make with just a few supplies from the craft store. I used a plain wood frame and made marks on it with a wood burning tool. Then, I stained the whole thing and added a photo of my baby girl inside.

sea urchin incense holder

Sea Urchin Incense Holder

This incense holder is made from only two ingredients: A sea urchin and air dry clay. This project is really easy and is so unique. If you are lucky enough to live in a place where sea urchins are naturally found then you just need to go to the beach and pick a few old urchin shells up. If they are not native to your area you can buy them on sites like Etsy for pretty cheap.

rustic modern bathroom renovation

Rustic Modern Bathroom Renovation

My modern rustic bathroom is a mixture of new and old materials in neutral colors with lots of character. This style is all about bringing the outdoors in. Mix materials like wood, marble and brick tile along with natural fabrics like cotton. Whether in the kitchen, living room or bathroom there is no room in your home that this style won’t look good. Check out the before and after photos of my rustic modern bathroom renovation and the details of the projects I completed.

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