dessert candles beginners

Dessert Candles Beginners

I love cakes 🍰 and thoughts I will try find a use for all those little melted disks left over in the oil burner so I collected them as I knew 1 day I would come up with a use for them

anthropologie knock off basket

Anthropologie Knock Off Basket

I love these African sort of looking baskets and thought I would try make one of my own

making a tiny garden

Making a Tiny Garden

I love gardening and spend a lot of time in mine however after large back yars makeovers left me not a lot of space to do much more so I started to make smaller areas look so much better

table top off my beside draws for a beachy style

Beside Drawers for a Beachy , Coastal , Hampton Style

I’m in the process of a bedroom makeover into. Shabby /beachy style so buting new furniture isn’t in my budget so a make over will do just fine :)

shiplap feature walls under 20 0

Shiplap Feature Walls Under $20 :0 Shabby , Coastal , Hampton

So I have always loved the coastal shabby look 👀 but the cost of wood to do a whole wall would work out pretty expensive so I love to find a really cheep easy way to achieve same results :)

house numbers from a chopping block

House Numbers From a Chopping Block

I had purchased some house numbers a few years ago and with some inspiration from the tutorial members I thought, well, it's time to make this all happen. Hubby took over this job today :) as he watches me make so many different things he wanted to have a go and yeh well he couldn’t mess this one up--it’s easy :)

stone pebble tiles on top of old tiles

Stone Pebble Tiles on Top of Old Tiles

I recently did a bathroom Reno in my 3 way bathroom but here is how I did it without having to rip up all the old tiles and saved a lot of money by going straight over top of the old ones edit .. I did have to take doors off and take off 1.5 cm of the bottom of the door to allow for the height of the tiles using a circular saw

new garage floor

New Garage Floor

Our floor was awful loads of stains and generally looked ugly

juju african hat wall decoration

Boho , Juju African Hat 🎩 Wall Decoration

I see a lot of these in Bali and Pottery Barn used to have them for a children’s room but they no longer sell them. So I thought- well maybe I could make one and make it easily and a lot cheaper than buying I online!his fun feather design was originally worn by tribal chiefs and dignitaries in the Cameroonian kingdoms. Use them to add bright pops of color and playful style to kids’ spaces.

sea glass bea by theme

How to Make Your Own Sea Glass Beach/ Coastal Theme

After looking at the pottery barn website and falling in love with well.. just about everything I thought it’s time to try a little thing using some old bottles I had after seeing the sea glass balls

Jenny Tease
Jenny Tease
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