thone of kings queens re vamp challenge

Throne of Kings & Queens Re-Vamp Challenge

My bathroom was begging for a change. I felt it everytime I went in the little room. So I decided to honor her wish and do a little update in the throne room. I started the redo by painting a small table to place in corner. The painting of this table was one of my previous post. Once I completed the table, I decided to add a frame around my mirror. This was also in a previous post. So far so good. Next, I bought a metal tray with four glass bottles. The bottles had plain white tops. So I used some old kitchen knobs and glue them on top of th lids. So cute. I placed bath supplies in the jars and put the tray on the back of the commode. I purchased a new ruffled shower curtain, love it. I had picked up a couple of metal letters at a yard sale. They are the first letters of our first names. The letters were S & D. They were prefect for our bathroom. So I hung them over the commode. I loved the little bathroom signs that say “Get Naked.So I found a small, round, black board shape and painted Get Naked on it. I hung the sign on the back, of the door by the guest towel. The bathroom is definitely updated and fun.

same piece new look

Same Piece, New Look

This week’s challenge was to update or create an item used for summer decor or play and make something that could be used for fall or other decor. I came up with several things I could do, but I finally decided on one that I had wanted to redo for a while. I had a solid, white wood bowl on a pedestal with a square base. It is just a simple wood bowl, that I have used outside for a while. I loved it the minute I saw it and knew it would be perfect for an outdoor table centerpiece. I used it outside on a table with a blue candle and seashells. I used the decorated bowl all of the spring and summer months. During the fall, I used an orange candle and burlap pumpkins. During winter, I used it with a red candle and pine cones on the outside table. I still love the wood bowl, but I am tiring of the solid white color. I also decided I wanted to use the bowl inside and change up outside too. I love the farmhouse, country, chippy, shabby chic, and so on look. So, I decided to shabby my wood bowl for a different look and bring it indoors to use for a change.

thrift store creation

Thrift Store Succulent Creation

I wanted a succulent piece, but I just could not bring myself to pay the high prices the retail store were asking. One day while on one of my treasure/ (therapy) hunts in a local thrift store, I found a candle holder. Hmmm... I thought, this just might be what I need to create an inexpensive succulent piece. Oh yes!

here comes the bride

Here Comes the Bride

My family and I have been extremely busy preparing for my granddughter’swedding. Let me say, the preparation and decorating pretty much dominated our lives for the last few months. It was all worth the time and energy we put into everything. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful! I, for one, am glad the wedding was a success and it is over. This leads me to one of my recent projects. The wedding venue was an old country barn, located on a long, bumpy road in the hills of Tennessee, where navigation will get you so far. So to help the guests, easily spot the place to turn, we needed a sign. My daughter was so worried about what we could for a sign that would look nice and festive. One night while prowling through my stash of stuff, I had an idea.


Hello Sign

Hello y‘all! Any of you remember when our main communication was land lines with party lines, where as many as six neighbors shared a phone line? I do! Oops,telling my age. I remember as a young girl, when mom and dad had a party line and you could hear the neighbors pick-up and listen to conversations. Dad would say, Mrs. so & so, if you will please hang up, I will finish my call as quickly as possible. I will have to admit we had several shall we say, curious ladies in our small community. LOL 😂 So as soon as private lines were available, mom and dad paid the price and enjoyed a private phone line. Those were good old days! I would not trade those times and memories for anything. Well, I say all of that to explain why I stenciled the word “hello” on an old wooden slat from the back of a rocker. I kinda/sorta collect old phones. I really like them and the fond memories of using the old rotary phones as a child. Several.Years ago, my brother-in-law bought me an old phone (that still works) at a yard sale for 50 cents. The phone has been connected and hanging on a wall in the dining room ever since he gave it to me. I also bought at yard sale, an old phone book from my husband’s small community. I hung the phone book above above the phon, just like remember as a child In our. Kitchen. Recently, I found a large metal cut out of a phone. I hung it over the real old phone, but something else was needed ...but what?

sign challenge i have been framed

Sign Challenge: I Have Been Framed

I have collected several old frames on my treasure hunts.Some I found on the roadside and others have been given to me by peeps who know I am always creating things. I have large frames and small frames. I just never could decide what I wanted to make with any of them. Well, when Hometalk posted this week’s challenge about a garden sign, I knew just what I could make with one of my old frames. For a while, I have wanted a welcome sign to go over my hubby’s grill. I needed something that welcomed family, friends and other guests to our patio. I used one of the smaller frames to make the sign for my patio. The frame had six panes. We have a cover over the grill and the brace across the middle and the top was a perfect fit if I turned the fame vertically. So excited!

furnish the outdoors challenge

Furnish the Outdoors Challenge

I love the outdoors and playing in the dirt. Therapy! This week’s challenge was to furnish the outdoors. Well, this challenge made me remember two chairs I recently found on the roadside. Yes, I brake for and usually stop for and pick-up roadside/curb treasures. I appreciate peeps who are kind enough to place unwanted items out to share instead of adding them to the land fields. Let me say “thank you“ to everyone who does this kind deed. The chippy teal chair was perfect just the way it was! No paint needed. What a sweet treasure! All I did was rinse the dirt off, let it dry and add a plant. I cut chicken wire to staple in the bottom of the chairs. However, the flower containers I used fit perfectly In both of them. I saved the chicken wire in case I decide to change out flower containers later.

what s your color vase w e chalenge

Pick Your Color Vase? ... W.E. Challenge

Even as a young girl, I loved and appreciated pretty glass pieces. The old vases and McCoy pieces my grandparents had sitting on shelves and dressers were loved treasures. The love of glassware still has me in its clutches. There are so many vibrant colors and unique shapes that are especially lovely and appealing for any decorating scheme. I love the colored and varied sized vases that are so popular on the modern West Elm Decor site. The vases are beautiful and quite expensive, so I decided to use a little spray paint and create my own, not so expensive vases. Using a few pieces from my collection of thrift store buys, I set to work.

your wish is my command challenge

Your Wish is My Command...Challenge

I could be in a commercial for Command Hooks. Love them! I just don’t love the price, In this post I am going to share to ways I have recently used Command Hooks and Command Velcro Strips. I recently used some scrap lumber and made a frame to go around my bathroom mirror. I did not want to drill holes or drive nails into wall. I purchased strips that stated they were for Upton 16 pounds. No way did my boards weigh that much, but I wanted to sure the boards would stay in place. I also purchased Command Hooks to use on the outside on my vinyl fence. I bought hooks for 12 pounds and same story, no way the stars weighted even a pound.I laid out my painted and dry distressed boards along with the Command Velcro Strips.I followed the directions and cleaned both surfaces with alcohol. I allowed about 30 minutes to make sure both the wall and the boards were throughly dried From using they alcohol for cleaning.Next, I placed the velcro strips together and peeled the paper off of the side that went on the back of the wood. I use two set of Velcro sticks for each board. Then I peeled of the paper that went on the wall side and pressed the wood on to the wall, holding it in place for about 45 second.

more seating please

More Seating Please

Our family loves to spend time together outside grilling and playing games. With my growing family of grandchildren and their friends, I am always on the look out for extra outside seating and tables. I kinda like the saying “never buy new” on some things. I happen to discover a piece, at a yard sale that we could use as a seat or as a side table. It was a solid wood bench/table. The piece was in fair condition, it just needed a little TLC.

Susan K Mullins
Susan K Mullins
About meI am a do-it-yourselfer. I love to decorate by pulling items from all over the house and creating my own style in each room. I love to create things ! I refinish furniture and use my God-given imagination to make the piece match the owner. I pick up a rock and ask my hubby, "What do you see?" I get that you are crazy look and then he replies, "Duh...a rock". We laugh and then he asks, "And just what do you see?". When I say, "I have an idea!" He says, "Oh no!" According to my parents, I was born with an "I can attitude". My dad always told me, you can be and do anything you want to and I took his words to heart ❤️. I recently retired from education as a teacher, instructional coach and administrator. My job was my passion, after God and my family. Hubby decided he wanted me home. He says, "It only took him 30 years to get his way!" He never wanted me to work, but I truly loved teaching and being an educational leader. So now I am home, and although I will forever hold the education of our children as a passion, my daily focus is crafting.