make this for your fall front door

Make This for Your Fall Front Door!

October is here and it is time for me to get my fall decorating done! It is now or never! I really wanted to do something a little different around my front door this year. I wanted something full and lush to welcome guests to my home this fall.

make a man eating plant for halloween

Make a Man-Eating Plant for Halloween!

The show, Little Shop of Horrors always makes me think of Halloween, so I decided to create my own “man-eating plant” to greet trick or treaters this year!

use a picture frame for an amazing wreath

Use a Picture Frame for an Amazing Wreath

I love using IKEA Ung Drill frames for so many home decor projects, but one of my favorites is using these frames as a base for a fantastic wreath. These frames are so easy to paint and repaint over and over again. I used Krylon Gloss True blue for this project.

make a paper lantern unicorn

Make a Paper Lantern Unicorn

You can make a paper lantern unicorn like this one with my step by step tutorial! I used this for a party, but this would make a great decoration for the bedroom of any little girl who loves unicorns!

milk paint furniture upcycle

Milk Paint Furniture Upcycle

I had one of those armoires that we all seemed to have in the 90's, you know the ones we could hide our televisions in. You can still find these at garage sales and on Craig's list.

no sew dust ruffle

No Sew Dust Ruffle

I was determined to make a no sew dust ruffle. If there is a way to make something without having to get out my sewing machine or a needle and thread, I will find a way. I was putting together this room for my granddaughters and needed a little more punch of gold. I couldn’t find gold dust ruffles that I liked at a price I liked so I decided to tackle them myself.

use hollow core doors for home decor

Use Hollow Core Doors for Home Decor

A few years ago my husband and I wanted to create some over-sized art to add a pop of color to our home decor. We priced out canvases and decided they were too expensive. At a trip to Home Depot, we spotted plain hollow core doors and a decision was made! These would be our “canvases” . My husband got creative with paint and made Jackson Pollack inspired art pieces. This time I tried a different way to use them!

make an easter egg topiary

Make an Easter Egg Topiary

I am always looking for holiday decorating ideas and when I spotted these jumbo Easter Eggs, the gears started turning and here is what I came up with !

easter bunny wreath

Easter Bunny Wreath

I love my cute little Easter Bunny wreath I whipped up during a Facebook LIVE! It is always so much fun to visit with all of you online! It is like having friends there to craft together!

make a deco mesh ladybug for your front door

Make a Deco Mesh Ladybug for Your Front Door

I have a friend who loves ladybugs, so I made these fun deco mesh ladybug hanging for her front door!

Celebrate & Decorate (Chloe Crabtree)
Celebrate & Decorate (Chloe Crabtree)
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