how to propagate a christmas cactus

How to Propagate a Christmas Cactus

Love Christmas cactus? Spot a beautiful plant at a friend's house and wish you could have one, too? Then propagate, or grow, one of your own from a cutting! I have made a short video describing the process and will also place the steps here on how you can grow a beautiful Christmas cactus plant in less than one year.

how to grow mini roses indoors, flowers, gardening, how to

How to Grow Mini Roses Indoors

You can grow roses indoors like a house plant if you choose the right type: miniature roses, tiny plants and flowers that fit nicely on a window sill. Knowing how to care for them properly will keep them healthy and happy for many years to come.

how to get an amaryllis to bloom, gardening, home decor, how to

How to Get an Amaryllis to Bloom

Did you get an amaryllis bulb kit around Christmastime? If so, you're probably sad that the beautiful flower is long gone. Many people give up on their amaryllis bulbs and throw out the plant once it's done flowering. However, you can get your amaryllis to bloom again. It might not be in time for the holidays (unless you time it very carefully). But holidays or not, it's fun to to see your plant bloom again, and who doesn't love a beautiful amaryllis flower? Here's how to get your amaryllis to bloom an encore this year!

how to replace an existing raised garden bed

How to Replace an Existing Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds make it much easier to grow great flowers, vegetables, herbs and small fruits. Wooden garden beds, especially those made with untreated wood, do break down over time. I find that the corners tend to pull apart and the boards split where weathering takes place. If you need to replace an existing raised garden bed, these steps will help you get the job done in about two hours.

how to build a trellis for climbing roses, flowers, gardening, how to

How to Build a Trellis for Climbing Roses

Nothing says romantic, cottage garden like climbing roses. Learn how to build a trellis for climbing roses and add climbers to your garden this season.

how to plan a raised bed vegetable garden, gardening, how to, raised garden beds

How to Plan a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

A raised bed vegetable garden consists of boxes made of wood, stone, or recycled materials and filled with soil and compost. Plants are grown within the raised beds. Because you never walk on the soil around the plants, it never compacts. Raised beds are great for the elderly, since you can remain seated while gardening; the extra height of the bed makes it easier to tend the plants. They are also easier to keep weed-free. Planning your raised bed vegetable garden is very similar to planning and kind of garden.

diy solar herb drying methods, gardening, how to

DIY Herb Drying Methods

If you're growing culinary herbs this year, you'll want to dry and store them for future use. These two simple methods of drying herbs and ideas for re-purposing common household items will help you easily and quickly dry herbs for the kitchen.

an organic way to remove tent caterpillars from fruit trees, gardening, how to, pest control

An Organic Way to Remove Tent Caterpillars From Fruit Trees

I grow fruit on my small hobby farm in Virginia and have an orchard of about 28 fruit trees, total. Peaches are usually our best performing fruit trees. This morning, I noticed tent caterpillars setting up shop on one of the branches of this peach tree.

caring for christmas cactus, container gardening, gardening

Caring for Christmas Cactus

Starting in the late fall, the stores begin to blossom with colorful holiday cacti. Although not truly cacti like the plants you'll find growing in the desert, both Thanksgiving cactus (Schlumbergera truncata) and the true Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii) are popular house plants that begin blooming in November. With the right care, they can live for decades. It's not uncommon to find someone with "grandma's Christmas cactus", a venerable plant passed down through the generations and cherished! Caring for Christmas cactus ensures your plants will have a long, happy life.

growing geraniums indoors, flowers, gardening, home decor

Can You Grow Geraniums Indoors Like a House Plant?

If you thought geraniums were an outdoor annual-only plant, think again. You can successfully bring your summertime geraniums indoors for the winter. Once the weather warms up again in the spring, you can return them to the garden. You can also grow them indoors as house plants.

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