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How to Make a Tulip Wreath

Tulip wreaths are very popular for Spring and make great gifts, especially for Mother's Day! When I went into my local craft store and found tulip bushes on sale, I knew I had to make something spectacular with them. This is what I came up with, a simple yet elegant Spring Tulip Wreath. Let me show you how I made it. NOTE FOR A FULL VIDEO, PLEASE CLICK ON MY BLOG LINK BELOW

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Use Scraps of Ribbon to Create a Funky Bow

This bow is easy peasy! I know you can make it too! This is my signature bow I call the "funky bow" and I developed it a few years ago when trying to help my ebook customers use all of their materials. You see, I can't stand to throw away any ribbon, even scraps. Why? Because I'm a RIBBON ADDICT! There I said it, yet again!

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How to Make a Tree Topper Bow

Tree topper bows are very popular and really add a finished touch to your Christmas tree. Today, I'm sharing my instructions for making a tree topper bow. This bow will fit a 6-7 foot tree. For trees larger than this, keep adding more layers to the bow increasing each layer by one inch. Refer to my blog for a list of supplies and amount of ribbon needed here: Please watch the video below for exact instructions.

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How To Make Deco Mesh Snowman Wreath

It's gone viral and everyone wants one...I'm talking about the deco mesh snowman wreath!! And why shouldn't it??? It is adorable!When a customer requested one of these Frosty's, I posted the completed wreath on my Facebook page and it was SO popular! I asked my followers if they wanted a tutorial and of course they said YEESS, so here is my version of the popular deco mesh snowman wreath including tips you may not have thought of!FOR COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDING A VIDEO & LIST OF SUPPLIES, CLICK THE LINK TO MY BLOG BELOW.

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How To Permanently Print on Chalkboard Ribbon

Ya'll, I purchased this fabulous chalkboard ribbon LAST YEAR! I loved it so much that I had to have it. I got it back to the wreath shop and then it just sat there...ugh, I was so intimated to use it. I just kept looking at was screaming for me to use it. I mean chalkboard is so popular right now. Then the buyer's remorse set in. Why did I purchase this when my handwriting is so elementary? Why did I think I could use chalk for wreaths that are meant to hang outside in the dampness? Then the AH HA moment! I saw a video on how to transfer print onto a chalkboard tray using chalk and the print was legit, professional. I could do that! Then I started thinking why not use a permanent marker so it would not rub off! Jackpot! Here are my brief instructions on how to use permanently print on chalkboard ribbon but refer to my blog using the link before for more detailed instructions.

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How to Prepare Pine Cones for Wreaths

I love adding a bit of nature into my fall, winter and Christmas wreaths by using pine cones. However, I also like to keep the cost of my supplies down so spending money on pine cones, which are abundant here in South Carolina, seems crazy. I have a few pine cones in my backyard and when walking the dogs, I take a bag with me to pick up cones from other peoples' yards, which they NEVER seem to mind-free yard cleanup! Before using fresh pine cones, I take the time to prepare them because there can be sap and critters inside them... Um yea, don't think my customers want live critters in their wreaths. I found these beautiful pine cones when dropping off my daughter at Ebenezer Lutheran Church Disciple Camp at Camp Kinard here in South Carolina. They have a ton of pine cones ranging in different sizes and shapes. Jackpot!!

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DIY Fall Lantern Swag

Decorating with lanterns became a trend a few years ago and I guess people are now tired of looking at their plain lanterns and are searching for ways to jazz them up. I mean, why just add a bow when you can add a whole floral arrangement on top of it! So after much research, okay a few hours, I couldn't figure out how to make one. So I played around with a few techniques and decided the technique I'm showing you here is by far the easiest for me.

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