vhs tapes to crazy cool halloween decor

VHS Tapes to Crazy Cool Halloween Decor

Do you, like most of us, have an old VHS tape or two laying around? Here's an easy, cheap and very very spooky Halloween decor project you can do in less than an hour. And your kids can help!!

hula hoop to a big wreath sure

Hula Hoop to a BIG Wreath? Sure!

Want a BIG two foot wide wreath for your home but don't want to spend big money for it? Here's an easy and inexpensive project. Use a hula hoop from the Dollar Store!

pallet wood planter project, container gardening, gardening, pallet, repurposing upcycling

Pallet Wood Planter Project

Recycled pallet boards cover nursery pots for cheap, easy vintage style planters.

faux wood grain looks so cool on a glass table

Faux Wood Grain Looks So Cool On a Glass Table

We made this pretty table in one afternoon using a glass round, acrylic paint and a wood grain tool. I wanted it to look like painted pallet wood and it came out even better than I expected! I got the idea when I googled "paint a glass table top" and saw lots of projects with the underside of the glass spray painted. I figured we could do this and make it look like wood grain pallet boards.

diy butterfly wind chime for mother s day

DIY Butterfly Wind Chime for Mother's Day

Looking for a unique and beautiful gift for Mom this year? Do what I did and make her a special butterfly wind chime with items from The Dollar Store.

a penny saved means a new kitchen countertop

A Penny Saved Means a New Kitchen Countertop

We needed to replace the "cookbook pages" top on our kitchen island (which we made from two old nightstands). I'd been collecting penny project ideas on Pinterest and just knew this would be a perfect kitchen project.

pretty quick and easy diy table runner for fall

Pretty, Quick and Easy DIY Table Runner for Fall

I wanted a nice table runner for our fall table but, as usual, did not want to spend any money. So I crashed my stash and came up with this quick project.

gorgeous glass thrift store find

Gorgeous Glass Thrift Store Find

I am a dedicated thrift store shopper plus a serious blue glass fan girl, so discovering this fused glass plate in shades of blue this week is most excellent!

pebble topped five gallon bucket table

Pebble Topped Five Gallon Bucket Table

I already made one of these little tables with Dollar Store glass gems and it came out colorful and blingy. I knew I wanted to make one with a pebble top and pallet boards and boy, am I happy with the way it came out!!

five gallon bucket patio table

Five Gallon Bucket Patio Table

I wanted a little side table for our front deck but as usual did not want to spend any money. What to do? Look around all our STUFF and figure something out using a five gallon bucket, paint and Dollar Store glass marbles