Tips for how to apply a touch of gray to my painted fireplace?

The mantel will be gray also. How can I figure what bricks to paint.
q i just painted my fireplace and i want to apply a touch of gray

What paint to use for kitchen cabinets.

What to clean with to get off the grease and grime

I need the name of the best stain remover/stripper. I also want to buy

I want to paint two night stands. I need to remove the stain. I don’t want to use a sander.

Looking for a project to upcycle a file holder

I saw a upcycle project with a file folder holder- it was clear. It was one of the one you can put it on the wall. I can’t find the project. I think it was hometalk

I want to redo my chair. Any suggestions?

The chair is a light color suede high back.
q i want to redo my chair any suggestions

I updated our bathroom. I painted the tub with the special paint

It lasted two weeks and started chipping on the bottom. I don’t want to do it again. Any suggestions. I did new tile around the tub so I can’t get a new one

Angie Forster
Angie Forster