How do I get rid of the smell from cat urine?

We had cats and they urinated in rooms. The cats are gone and the smell is still there faintly. Re removed carpet and padding. How do I get rid of the smell. Also it’s in the basement. I bleached where there litter box was, but sometimes when I walk in the door I still smell it. The cigarette smoke lingers also. It’s been over a year since I quit. I would blow the smoke in the stove hood.

How do I make a memory box?

I want to make a memory box for my granddaughter. It need to be large but not too large for her to carry around. She started college this year.

Tips for how to apply a touch of gray to my painted fireplace?

The mantel will be gray also. How can I figure what bricks to paint.
q i just painted my fireplace and i want to apply a touch of gray

What paint to use for kitchen cabinets.

What to clean with to get off the grease and grime

I need the name of the best stain remover/stripper. I also want to buy

I want to paint two night stands. I need to remove the stain. I don’t want to use a sander.

Looking for a project to upcycle a file holder

I saw a upcycle project with a file folder holder- it was clear. It was one of the one you can put it on the wall. I can’t find the project. I think it was hometalk

I want to redo my chair. Any suggestions?

The chair is a light color suede high back.
q i want to redo my chair any suggestions

Angie Forster
Angie Forster