merry mail tree christmas card display

Merry Mail Tree Christmas Card Display

Every year we receive beautiful Christmas cards from friends and family that just lay in a stack on the counter. This year I wanted a simple, seasonal way to display them. I created a "tree" on my wall using just jute rope and sticks.

birch wrapped candles other decor

Birch Wrapped Candles + Other Decor

I don't know about you, but I love decorating with birch bark and birch branches for Christmas. It is so beautiful and textured; perfect for the neutrals of farmhouse decor and perfect to set off green and red if you like more traditional decor.

birch tree joy sign with holiday juniper wreath

Birch Tree Joy Sign With Holiday Juniper Wreath

For holiday wall decor, I wanted to make something unique and special. I got a bunch of old dock boards from our neighborhood park that were severely weathered to make this with. I had the idea to paint them with white acrylic craft paint to make them look like birch trees. It is crazy to think this stack of weathered dock boards…

how to paint a rug

How to Paint a Rug!

Call me crazy, but I have always wanted to paint a living room rug! I spent a few months keeping an eye out for a 9' x 12' secondhand rug. I didn’t have many requirements except size which I found out later was a mistake. I ended up snagging this 9 x 12 foot rug with a 1/2 inch pile for only $30 including delivery!

summer upcycle dooryway turned built in bookshelf

Summer Upcycle: Dooryway Turned Built-in Bookshelf

Earlier this summer, my sister opened a maternity store in a space that was once a beauty salon. When she renovated, the space she wanted my help the most with was the kids play area. I was tasked with changing a doorway that did not serve a purpose within the new layout. We decided a doorway to bookshelf transformation would be a clever solution!

drum chandelier diy for 6

Drum Chandelier DIY for $6!

The infamous boob light is ubiquitous in our house and I hate it! Although practical, this light fixture has no style.

diy glass table lamp tutorial

DIY Glass Table Lamp Tutorial

In this DIY glass table lamp tutorial you will learn how to drill through glass, how to deconstruct a hanging light cord to be used for lamp wiring, and how to attach an IKEA lamp shade onto any lamp using the bulb!

diy stair railing redo for added safety

DIY Stair Railing Redo For Added Safety

One of my most popular posts ever was my modern stair baluster makeover back in 2016. My friend Savanna was aware of this transformation in my home and subsequently asked me to help her revamp her stair railing as well. Our DIY stair railing safety redo was more about bringing her balustrade up to code and making it safe for her little children. I felt compelled to help her so Savanna could feel confident this fix was a DIY opportunity instead of something she needed to spend hundreds hiring out.

the trick to perfect hand lettered signs

The Trick To Perfect Hand Lettered Signs

I've seen a lot of different methods to writing on wood signs, but mine has to be my favorite. I do not have a printer, so most methods I have seen will not work for me (graphite paper, press and trace, cut out and adhere letters, etc). But I do have a projector....

the perfect farmhouse console table

The Perfect Farmhouse Console Table

Hey everyone! Melissa from Welcome to the Woods here :) I built a beautiful farmhouse console table that was easy to put together with mostly 2 x 4's and leftover lumber.

Melissa Woods
Melissa Woods
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