diy ikea hack bowl using wood icing chalk paint skinny tape, crafts, repurposing upcycling

DIY Ikea Hack Bowl Using Wood Icing™, Chalk Paint® & Skinny Tape!

Looking for a fun summer project that you can do with the kiddos? This is perfect, and you end up with a pretty piece for your home OR a gift!

how to paint a new door to look 100 years old

How To Paint A New Door To Look 100 Years Old

Want to know a secret to making a new wooden door - or piece of furniture look aged? Here is how I do it, using any water-based paint, and a couple of Wagner tools!

1 post 9 rustic elegant shelves, diy, home decor, how to, repurposing upcycling, shelving ideas, woodworking projects

1 Post = 9 Rustic Elegant Shelves

Sometimes hanging a collection is a challenge. It's difficult to buy the perfect item to solve the problem. So I figured out how to use a 6" by 6" post to display my North Carolina pottery collection.

add a hand painted raised pattern to a lamp shade using textura paste, chalk paint, crafts, painting

Add A Hand-Painted Raised Pattern To A Lamp Shade Using Textura Paste!

Use Wood Icing™ Textura Paste to get the raised look of this hand-painted artsy pattern. Find a retailer near you at

use impatiens and baskets to get a quick gorgeous garden look, container gardening, gardening

Use Impatiens And Baskets To Get A Quick Gorgeous Garden Look

I love fabulous gardens. Sadly, I hate to garden. Here's a 10-minute solution to getting a quick, pretty look in the shade using impatiens and baskets!

how to create a gorgeous antique looking book using wood icing, chalk paint, crafts, painting, repurposing upcycling, This finished project looks like old and expensive leather

How To Create A Gorgeous Antique-Looking Book Using Wood Icing™

Sponsored. Books in home décor are all the rage right now. They are a fun, inexpensive project great for your home and gifts for friends.
Click on my blog link below for complete instructions!

how to love white upholstery in your living room, home decor, living room ideas, reupholster

How to Love White Upholstery in Your Living Room!

Are you crazy about the look of white? It's all the rage these days but how can that be practical? With kids, pets and a busy life white upholstery CAN be realistic. Read how!

diy how to store your stash of stencils in a small space, how to, organizing, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

DIY How To Store Your Stash of Stencils In A Small Space!

Are you nuts about stenciling anything and everything? Have you discovered that storing stencils can be frustrating? They come in zillions of sizes, in different packages. Do you store them flat? Hang them?
I think that after many years of acquiring stencils I have discovered an easy solution!

how to make rusty patinated wall art using modern masters metal effects, crafts, how to, living room ideas, painting, wall decor

Make Rusty, Patinated Wall Art Using Modern Masters Metal Effects

Who doesn't have something once loved, now scorned in the attic? I certainly do! Modern Masters recently sent me their Metal Effects products to try out, but my mind could not settle on the perfect surface to use. Flat? No pattern? Pattern? I finally decided on an old tin ceiling tile that had been mounted on a frame. I had grown bored with it...until...I did this...

our adventurous kitties help with a chalk paint project, chalk paint, painted furniture

Our Adventurous Kitties "Help" With A Chalk Paint® Project!

This post is best enjoyed by clicking on my blog link to enjoy some kitty humor, however this is a pretty and easy Chalk Paint® project for the DIY or expert painter.

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