standing mirror to decorated wall mirror, painted furniture

Standing Mirror to Decorated Wall Mirror

We have a short wall outside our bedroom that had been crying out for attention and a reproduction Cheval mirror that was looking for a place to hang for lack of standing room.
1st step was to place the holding brackets on the wall. We used fancy ceiling plant hook hangers. I didn't want to run the risk of someone knocking the mirror off the wall, and I didn't want to destroy the option of having it stand on the floor again, so I wanted to keep the swivel hangers attached to the frame in tact. They would have looked silly just poking out there.

chicken coop pump house designer upcycle, homesteading, outdoor living, pets animals, Full view of coop and run area

Pump House to Designer Coop

Hubby and I decided to raise chickens. Rather than build a small coop from scratch we decided to convert an unused pump house.

bedroom makeover

Bedroom Makeover

After ten years, I decided it was time to give my room a face lift. We installed new windows, painted the walls and found a fantastic platform bed on Craigslist. I'm loving my new room.

a different twist to constructing a plastic panel patio roof, diy, patio, roofing, woodworking projects, Hinged Main Building Support

A Different Twist to Constructing a Plastic Panel Patio Roof

We wanted to install a patio roof over a portion of our chicken run, but we didn't want to have to deal with working on a ladder for installation and repair, as the terrain is varied and at the ages of 68 and 66, the easier the task the better it is for us.

victrola to serving station, painted furniture, My Finished Project

Victrola to Serving Station

Hubby was tired of storing this old Victrola. It was in good working order, but no one wanted it. We couldn't even give it away. He was going to put it by the side of the road to see if there were any takers, or eventually donate it to our fire pit. Always ready to save a piece of old furniture I told him I wanted to keep it and make it over as a storage/serving station. Initially he wasn't that thrilled with the idea, but he let me bring it into the studio for it's remake.

Joan Hurst
Joan Hurst
About meI'm a senior gal, 68 years young. Retired and Married with a houseful of 4 and 2 legged critter kids. We live in a very rural town in the northwest corner of Connecticut about 1/4 mile from the MA line. I love doing crafts of any type. I'll try anything at least once and complete it. Hubby and I have been working on a fixer-upper home for the past 10 years. I think we need another 10 years to get it to where we have it the way we want it. We do all of the work ourselves, except task that require a license or heavy, continuous lifting.