diy fence picket pumpkins

DIY Fence Picket Pumpkins

This is what happens when you tear down a fence and have tons of old fence pickets that can either go to the dump or be recycled. You make wooden pumpkins for your fall decor!

pom pom fall wreath

Pom-Pom Fall Wreath

I've fallen in love with this cute Pom-Pom Fall wreath. It's funny how things come back around and get an update in the process. I remember making Pom-Pom's as a kid and putting them on my roller skates and now look at what other talented crafters are doing with them!

diy christmas rustic woodland coasters

DIY Christmas - Rustic Woodland Coasters

I think I'm on a roll with the whole Rustic Christmas theme this year, don't you think? And I've got another one for you that's fairly painless because you can either cut your own coasters or you can buy plain ones.

diy christmas rustic garland

DIY Christmas - Rustic Garland

So back in October I was in one of my local furniture stores and caught sight of some wood garland that made me take notice and brought out the creative side in me once more. Immediately I knew I had to make this and share it with you, my readers!

diy christmas rustic trees

DIY Christmas - Rustic Trees

Let me start by telling you that they weren't supposed to look like this...nope, they were supposed to be bigger!

 15 wood pallet shed, outdoor living, pallet

$15 Wood Pallet Shed

The hubby got the idea from Pinterest after searching for some wood storage sheds. We have a fire pit we built a few years ago in the backyard, and the firewood was currently being stored on the ground next to the shed. He thought it was messy and wanted to tidy it up a bit and I couldn't have agreed more.

 15 diy walking desk, painted furniture

$15 DIY Walking Desk

I've been wanting a walking desk for a while now--like over 2 years, but when I saw how much they cost for a pre-made, I came up with my own $15 idea.

decorative designer decor, home decor

Decorative Designer Decor

Designer Christmas decor? Yes! Rustic Vintage wedding? Yes!
I'm going to admit I have a couple addictions, shoes, and DIY. So whenI get creative things like Decorative Designer Decor coming into being...

super easy clay pot makeoever, crafts, how to

Super Easy Clay Pot Makeoever

Want a fun, cheap and creative way to reuse/makeover any planting pots you may have lying around? Then let me show you how to get backyard ready!

springtime wreath, crafts, how to, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths

Springtime Wreath

This is an oldie, but a goodie from nearly 4 years ago, and it never goes out of fashion for your home's seasonal decor.

Author Lisa L Wiedmeier
Author Lisa L Wiedmeier
About meScribbling my way through life, one project at a time. I love hiking, camping, watching my boys fish, and taking long walks with my yellow labs, Taylor and Mandi. Sometimes I enjoy cooking when the mood hits, and not only am I a published author or 11 + books, but I'm the master of redesigning just about anything. Idaho has been my home for 28 years now, can't wait to spend another 28 years here too.