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Shrunken Sweater Chair Reupholster

I took my favourite shrunken sweater and gave life to one of my antique chairs.

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Antique Crock Side Table

I love these old crocks so when my dad texted me a picture of this one I could't say no. I was so excited he found it I didn't realize how big it was until I came to pick it up. I stared at it for five minutes until I realized hey! this is the side table I was looking for all along.

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Pallet Wood Toy Box Upcycle

I wanted to make two toy boxes for my friends sons. I knew I wanted a rustic look and while I could have purchased lumber I wanted to make them out of pallets.
Pallets are labour intensive but this was a labour of love.

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Ten Minute Wine Glass Storage Fix

I have a tiny little kitchen and only two full sized cabinets for glasses and plates. Not to mention I have 10' ceilings and full height cabinets. I moved from a much larger house and did I mention I am a glassware hoarder?
I have been searching for a wine glass holder. My choices are limited in the Great White North and the only option was to order something online, get them to ship it up here and then pay duties and import taxes which can sometime be very expensive. My only options were going to cost me $80. No way.
I had plans on making something with my router and wood but I stumbled across this out of luck at Pier1 plus it took ten minutes to install. Insert Happy Dance here!

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Primitive Country Wee Benches

I am back from the Crafty Cabin. I love to reuse old wood because I like to save stuff from the trash and give it new life. Here is what I made one afternoon out of old pieces of the old deck that was on the back of the crafty cabin.

two toned hutch, painted furniture

Two Toned Hutch

I found and old maple hutch that needed a nice new coat of paint so I used some primer to help the paint adhere. I used a mistint can of grey paint and the deep grey matches the grey and purple tones in my house.

color wash board faux barn, woodworking projects

Faux Barn Board With Colour Wash Technique

I love the look of barn board and I set out to re-create it. I used the steel wool and vinegar technique but the wood always came out brown. I even tried different species of wood but I always my results were always the same--brown! Ugh!
I love grey and grey in the main colour though out my house as you can see form my floors in the pictures. So, I decided to use the colour wash technique I used on my Rustic Bench Planter Box. I squirted a bit of black and smidgen of white and a dash of purple. I added water to fill the cup up 1/4 of the way and began to splash the paint on. I had wonderful results and could't be happier with the end product. The woodgrain came out beautifully.
You can use any colour you want but I chose purple, black and white to match my floor.

coat hanger rustic vintage wood, diy, woodworking projects

Modern Vintage Coat Hanger

I had some modern ikea coat hangers lying around and two vintage glass door knobs, one was chipped and sanded smooth. I also had this piece of faux barn board I made for my other post linked below.

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Rustic Bench Planter Box

I wanted to make one of these since I saw the picture. I found the picture of the aged one somewhere online, but I do not remember where (if you know please post where!)

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Burlap Star Wreath

Fall weather is here and I am in the decorating mode. I love burlap and these lovely metal stars. I combined the two and got a beautiful wreath.
Check it out on my blog here:

Nicole Mahoney
Nicole Mahoney