old ugly to new chic

Old & Ugly to New & Chic Dining Chairs

I got these chairs for FREE! Someone thought these chairs were garbage, but I saw a great opportunity. I've re-upholstered plenty of chairs, but I never upholstered the back of a chair, but that changed with this project.

beat up dresser to stylish dresser bench

Beat-up Dresser to Stylish Changing Table

My friend had an old, beat-up dresser that she was getting ready to rummage or throw out. I said I'd take it and make it new again. I've seen fantastic dresser transformations but my favorites are the ones where the dresser becomes a bench with storage space. So I knew exactly what I was going to do with the old piece of furniture.

worn torn to fresh cozy chairs

Worn & Torn to Fresh & Cozy Chairs

I found a set of old Duncan Phyfe style chairs at a thrift shop. They were scratched, stained, flat, and musty. They must've been stored in a basement for quite a long time because the smell was potent. After some TLC, I was able to give these chairs a new life!

plain wall to tiled backsplash

Plain Wall to Tiled Backsplash

As I've been browsing the internet, looking for inexpensive ways to get a nice backsplash, I came across Smart Tiles. They give the look of tiles at a much lower price and a lot less labor. There's still some labor and you definitely need to pay attention to your measurements, but it's easy once you get on a roll!

plain shower curtain to decorative shower curtain

Plain Shower Curtain to Decorative Shower Curtain

I decided that I want to add some character to our guest bathroom. One of the simpler projects I took on was adding a little color to our plain, tan shower curtain.

old frame to functional wall art

Old Frame to Functional Wall Art

This was a fun and fairly easy project, and I got to work on this one with a great group of friends! My friend had a collection of old frames that she'd collected from thrift stores over the years and wanted to finally put them to good use. With a staple gun, wire cutters, and chicken wire, we ended up with rustic wall decor. One friend used their piece to hang family photos with clothes pins. Another friend used their chicken wire frame as part of a baby shower game. I needed a place to keep my jewelry, that was easily accessible and a pretty display.

no sew seat cushions

No Sew Seat Cushions

We have old, worn, thin seat cushions on our kitchen chairs and I wanted to change that. I'm terrible with a sewing machine but I was determined to do this project!

old cabinet to refurbished stylish cabinet

Old Cabinet to Refurbished Stylish Cabinet

I've been wanting to remodel our guest bathroom for a long time so when I saw an old oak bathroom cabinet at a rummage sale for $3, I knew I had to have it. I didn't exactly what I wanted to do to upgrade the bathroom but I had a color scheme in mind and I started with dark brown and some vintage-style designer paper.

cement fire bowl

Cement Fire Bowl

The first time I made a cement fire bowl, it was intimidating because I've never worked with concrete/cement and it's so heavy and permanent. Since I've made my first bowl, I've had no problems using concrete in my projects!

cheap mirror cardboard to framed mirror

Cardboard Box to Mirror Frame

I've always wanted a tall mirror with a thick frame. I was going to go out and buy some wood to make my own, but then we bought a new tv and I suddenly had a ridiculously big cardboard box... and I had a thought. What if I could use this thick, heavy cardboard to make a frame? So I gave it a try!