etched glass gold swirl ball ornament

Etched Glass Gold Swirl Ball Ornament

I love to make ornaments every Christmas. I fill my tree with handmade ornaments that the kids and I make and our tree is filled with years of handmade amazing!! One of the ornaments is an etched glass ball with gold swirls, so easy and so elegant!

diy pompom stick decor for your house or a party

DIY Pompom Stick Decor for Your House or a Party

I love a craft that is super simple and easy that take a few minutes and simple supplies to make a huge wow statement. This is also a decor idea that be done year round, just change up the colors of the pompoms!!

diy pumpkin decor

DIY Pumpkin Decor

Something about autumn and pumpkins rocks!! This time I used a pumpkin kit to make a mixed media pumpkin decor piece that is a little mixed media, a little farmhouse, and a little fun!

stenciled vinyl vase

Stenciled & Vinyl Vase

I have all these amazing vases from flowers my husband has sent me over the years. I cannot bear to part with them, but a few of them look exactly the same and I thought I am crafty, I am make that into something a little different!!

diy glitter ball ornament animals

DIY Glitter Ball Ornament Animals

I love the look of glitter on ornaments, but not the messy part that come off in your hand when you put them on your tree, or on my floor...bah. So I came across these sweet ornaments that pu put the glitter INSIDE the ball and cap it, all the fun of glitter, but none of the mess ... except maybe when you make them. PSST see the end my my video to see what happened...

rustic felt pumpkins

Rustic Felt Pumpkins

I love the looks of felt in the fall, it adds a cozy feel to the colder weather. So with that idea in my head I looked at the pile of sticks that we had from our recent tree trimming and thought, ohh this would look good together! Rustic pumpkin it is!

diy rustic farmhouse stenciled wooden sign

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Stenciled Wooden Sign

I loved the look of those wooden signs at the big box decor stores, but I hate those prices!! So i set of to make one of my own in the colors I love for fall - orange, grey, and gold!

diy cupcake tray for a party

DIY Cupcake Tray for a Party

My little girl had her 6th birthday and she wanted and all pink Princess Birthday! We had a blast putting various things together to make her party a pretty pink princess blast!

4 fun ways to use laminated leaves

4 Fun Ways to Use Laminated Leaves

Collecting leaves for fun, for memories, for crafts, for decoration, but how do you keep them from crumbling or getting wilted? Use a cold lamination machine like the one from Xyron! So now that you can keep you leaves as you want them from the day you pick or collected them you can use them in a ton of fun ways. Here are 4 fun and easy ways to use you laminated leaves.

4th of july firework tubes

4th of July Firework Tubes

I love to take and item that usually would go into the recycle and make it into something new and fun. That is exactly what I did with these 3 tubes; pringles can, paper towel roll, and packing tube. I turned them all into a 4th of July firecracker home decor decoration with a little felt and foil!

Erin Reed
Erin Reed
About meI bring a fun, romantic, and sometimes funky feel to my projects. I guess if you had to label my style it would be layered, romantic, shabby chic, mixed media, and pop art. I have been called the Queen of Layers!! I am a military wife, a stay at home mom (my children give me wonderful inspiration to work with), 2 boys and 2 girls. My first love is my family, they mean everything to me. My second love is crafts in all forms including scrapbook layouts, art journals, cards, mini albums, mixed media, altered items, home decor, and DIY.