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Cover an Ugly Tile Backsplash

This was a cinch to do....cover old or ugly tile with HVAC weather foil tape and rub on a little bit of black flat paint and it looks like metal.

make pretty light up wooden presents for your porch, lighting, porches, seasonal holiday decor, The trio of presents lights up at night

Make Pretty, Light Up Wooden Presents for Your Porch

These wooden presents were pretty simple to make. They are welcoming, festive, unique and brighten up my porch. I made them by hand in my garage with furring strips and plywood. I used my nail gun and liquid nails to fasten the corners. Each one has it's own style replicating coordinating "wrapping paper", so to speak. When I start a project, I only have a vision in my mind about what I think I want and just start creating. I try to keep it simple and not too time consuming. I have to be flexible,as sometimes I have to go with what my skill level allows and how much time I am willing to give to the over all adventure. This time - my vision worked out - even better than I hoped.

how to make wooden present christmas decorations for the, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

Make Wooden Presents for the Porch

I used wooden lattice, furring strips and pine wood to make "presents" for the porch. Fill them with twinkle lights for festive Christmas decor.

using old fence tops for a banner, crafts, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor

Using Old Fence Tops for a Banner

I picked up a 6 foot fence section from a small lumber store. They let me have it for free b/c I am a good customer and the fence was crooked and worn....perfect, actually. See some of the projects I made with it on the post.

make a pedestal sink skirt rod, bathroom ideas, diy, home decor, how to, Here is a preview of the after

Make a Pedestal Sink Skirt Rod

Have you ever priced rods for your bathroom pedestal sink? They are around $200 for a good one. I made one in less than an hour with plumbing supplies from the local hardware store and saved myself over $155. Let me show you how easy.

primp my primer distressing techniques good ones, painted furniture, rustic furniture, A rustic spot for shoes that won t show the dirt

Primp My Primer - DISTRESSING Techniques - Good Ones!

Do you have a piece of furniture that you want to update? If you like an aged look - here is a tutorial that is simple to follow using only what you may have around the house. No fancy paint that you have to mix. Baby oil? Check! Primer? Check! Old Paint Brushes? Check.... it's easier than you think. Two hours - start to finish and no trip to the hardware store. The post is detailed so visit my blog to view more. Happy painting and Happy New Year!

bring in nature for the bedroom, bedroom ideas, home decor

Bring in Nature for the Bedroom

I made a headboard out of corrugated galvanized steel. It comes in 8 foot sheets so the headboard goes all the way to the ceiling. With that space I can hang a mirror, add a shelf or most recently...a large branch from nature, It's rustic and I love it.

this end up desk turn kitchen island, kitchen design, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

This End Up Desk Turned Kitchen Island

If you like to frequent thrift stores and you like to re-purpose furniture then check out this transformation.

make a tray out of an old fence piece w unique tree branch handles, diy, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects, Adorned with candles and a natural holly bush branch Now I can just grab the whole tray to move my decorative centerpiece instead of each piece separately

Make a Tray Out of an Old Fence Piece W/ Unique Tree Branch Handles

I like a centerpiece on the table but removing the decor when the family needs to use the table is inconvenient. Here is a rustic solution that has many uses. I've had an old fence around and have made several home accents from it. The wood used here is also from my old fence.

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Using Dark Wax on Painted Furniture - My Review

This is the first time I really tried using dark wax. The brand I am using here is Fiddes & Sons because it is sold at the shop where I sell my stuff. I used Jacobean color for the rich tone. I don't like pink or orange so this color seemed the safest for me. I painted this console in Northampton Putty by Benjamin Moore and let the drawer be an antique white.

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