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How to Repair a Cat Scratched Chair or Sofa

Today I repaired our chair that our 2 angelic Kitty Cat’s scratched the heck out of. I love this red chair and I found it at a thrift store last year for $30. Our kitties just fell in love with it and have made it their personal scratching posts. I thought about taking it out to the curb with a free sign on trash day and then…………………………….. I thought let me see if I an fix it and make it look better.

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Mason Jar Chandelier

Hi Friends, how are you today? I am great and so excited to finally share my new Mason Jar Chandelier and lighting fixture in my kitchen. Our kitchen is very shabby n cottage chic in style and I’ve kept it close in style with our 1922 cottage.

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Great Way to Display Christmas Cards & Family Pictures

Hi and Happy Wednesday. We are 7 days away from Christmas. Are you ready for it?? Really are any of us?? I don’t know anyone that has told me they are all done shopping and wrapping and ready. I know I’m not…lol. Here is a great way to display your Christmas Cards that’s super easy and festive. I love receiving Christmas Cards and also love sending them too. We always do a Family Picture for our Christmas Card and I love that nowadays most of the cards we receive are family pictures. So the days of just putting them on the desk or in a basket are over for me. I love to display them and enjoy them as well as share them with our friends and family that come over to our home.
I grabbed some red velvet ribbon that I had in my stash and a handful of clothespins. I cut the tails of the ribbon and pinned three lengths over my door. Then I grabbed my red and white craft paint so I could paint some cute stripes on my clothespins. I used some Scotch blue masking tape and cut it in half to and then laid them across on a diagonal.
After I painted the red stripes, two coats, then I painted the white stripes. I’m loving the stripes on the clothespins. I used them the other day when I made my JOY wreath too.

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Cleaning Jewelry Tips

I get asked a lot how I keep my diamond ring so shiny and sparkly. I know Hometalk is a great place to share home tips but it's nice to feel good about ourselves and what we're wearing while we're in our home too.

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Ceiling Fan Makeover With Black & White Chevron

I’m working on our office and today I gave our Ceiling Fan a makeover with fabric. It was that ugly faux wood color and was in need of a makeover for sure. This was a fun project that cost me nothing because I had the fabric already in my stash. I just love love LOVE chevron especially black & white and am so happy with the way it turned out.
We have four ceiling fans in our house and eventually they will all get replaced but for now I loved the idea of changing the look with this cute fabric and the fact that it would cost me nothing….wooo hoooo. The office is going to be done in black and white with pops of yellow and I’ve been gathering some cute wire baskets and fun accessories too. If you’re scratching your head and thinking “Hmm I don’t remember seeing that room on the House Tour.” You aren’t wrong, it’s that catchall, spare room, dump everything in there that doesn’t have a specific place but really needs to transform into an office craft room. I’ll share with you soon. Here is the pretty before picture of the lovely ceiling fan. It’s nothing special, just that faux wood look on the blades. My inspiration came from a blog I love called Dimples & Tangles and she did this in her daughter’s room and I have loved it and knew I wanted to try it too. This was pretty easy to do and I’ll share with you how.
What you need: 1 yard of fabric & Mod Podge. Here's what you do: Take your blades off and clean them. Cut your fabric like the above picture and I allowed an inch around. I glued it so that the fabric was glued on the edges that wrapped over. So if someday I change my mind, or really want that faux wood look again (I really doubt it) I can remove the fabric and the glue would be on the top of the blades that you don’t see. Remove the blade holders. My hubs has an electric drill so this was all very easy and quick. For or the rounded edges, it’s important to make little snips in the fabric so when you wrap it over you can blue it really nice and tight and have pretty crisp edges. If you haven’t used Mod Podge, it’s the miracle glue like sealer and is great for fabric and paper. I LOVE it. I have an old paint brush that I use to paint on the glue so that less gets on my fingers, or so I thought…lol. When I was all done it looks like this. This is the top view that faces the ceiling. I just let them dry a few hours and went and ran some errands. When my hubs came home I had him help me put the blades back up and we just used a screw driver to punch the holes back in the fabric and then attached them back on.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Football Themed Tv Room

Now you might think I’m a little crazy for painting walls this bright gold and decorating a room all in Steelers Football motif, but I have an explanation. My hubby let's me decorate our home anyway I want. He puts up with all my yard sale stops, decorating visions and shenanigans and so I figured let's go all out and let him have a room he loves and screams FOOTBALL. He is such a HUGE Steeler's fan.
So when we moved in to the house we had painted the room a dark taupe above the molding and we had some Steeler stuff in here, but as we have lived here we really thought we should go all out. This room is very small and right off our Kitchen and Dining Room and leads out to the backyard. It’s small but it’s very cozy and where we land at the end of the day.
Did you know Glidden has Nfl paint colors?? Yes they do have every football teams colors. We went with Pittsburgh Steelers Gold. We are on a budget so a lot of the décor in here has been made from T-shirts that we found at thrift stores and yard sales. On the Gallery wall, three of the artwork were made from t-shirts too. The two pictures on the left are both t-shirts framed in glass and the one on the right is a t-shirt that we wrapped around some canvas and glue gunned it on. Diy on a budget right?? He had the clock, the pennant sign and the signed picture of Norm Johnson. Most of the frames we found at thrift stores or yard sales and a couple we spray panted black. I blew up his high school football team picture and framed it. He bought his son the Robitaille jersey and we're just holding it until he get's his own place but for now let's hang it and enjoy it right?? The ceiling fan was really old and eventually may be replaced so I had him pull the blades off and I spray painted them black and then hand painted the logos on each blade. I did them free hand or on my own and there is a post on how to do that too. And now let me ask you?? This room is love right??? He keeps telling me I did this for me. I think NOT. Even if you’re not a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan, I hope you like it. - Have a great day and thanks for stopping by, Lisa

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13 Year Old Bistro Set Got a Makeover With Rust-Oleum Spray Paint

Today I am sharing our old bistro set and how I gave it a makeover with Rust-Oleum Spray Paint in Apple Red.

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Paint Your Plastic Chairs

It was such beautiful weather here this weekend and you’ll never guess what I was doing??
Yep, spray painting!! And then I did get to float in the pool when I was done and just relax a little.

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Painted SPRING Vases

Today I’m sharing some fun little painted Spring Vases with Dollar Store Flowers. How cute are these, right?

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Easy Mother’s Day Flowers & Great Gift Idea

Hi Friends, How are you today?
I know some of you in far away areas are preparing for storms and hope you are ok. Us crazy southern Californians are getting ready for 97 degree weather today….Uggghhh. (and it was raining on Friday here). So silly.
Today I’m sharing a great Mother’s Day Flowers Gift Idea (or decorating idea) for you. with Lisa Walsh Huff Kroll with Lisa Walsh Huff Kroll
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