broken chair to sweet ottoman

Broken Chair to Sweet Ottoman!

This project turned out to be a real success and was so easy to do! I had an old broken part of a chair and decided to use it for additional seating and reclining in my apartment. Heres how!

elephant photo holder

Elephant Photo Holder

I came across this adorable elephant figurine (which I later found out is made from bamboo wood!) Watch how I transformed it to become a photo-fabulous photo holder!

ladder to easy peasy magazine rack

Ladder to Easy Peasy Magazine Rack

I came across this abandoned ladder and knew I needed to grab it and take it home! I had a few ideas running through my mind and once I got home, I decided that it would be turned into a magazine rack. Take a look at how I did it!

farmhouse serving tray

Farmhouse Serving Tray

A neighbor was throwing out an old cabinet door, and I couldn't let it be thrown out. So I took it home and finally came up with a plan! Watch how I transformed it into a chic serving tray.

editing your post on hometalk

Editing Your Post on Hometalk

Here's how you can edit your post once it has already been published. You can change the text, remove photos, and add new media.Step 1: Open up your post

trendy wall art

Trendy Wall Art

Using three unwanted jar lids, I created a fun and trendy wall art! This was so easy and fun to make and adds a little spunk to one of my empty bedroom walls.

yarn art

Yarn Art!

My love for macrame and the desire to add texture and warmth to my bedroom led me to this project. Each time I see a hanging yarn art I fall in love, and because I dont have incredible macrame skills, I decided to make one of these!

beer bottle menorah

Beer Bottle Menorah

I had way too many beer bottles waiting around to be re-purposed, so when December rolled around I knew what I'd use some for! Here's how in two steps I made a DIY Menorah for Hanuka.

a peak at my halloween decor

A Peak at My Halloween Decor!

Hi Hometalk! In planning my Halloween party, I found so much inspiration from projects that I saw here- thank you Hometalk community! Here's how it all came together...I knew I wanted some spooky decor with a side of good humor!

a little paint

A Little Paint!

Using the back of a picture frame, I created a pretty piece of artwork for my night table!

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