How do I stop banging pipes?

Our pipes bang a lot when water is turned on or off. It got worse when the city recently shut our water off. We bled the pipes as instructed, but it has not helped.... See more

Clogged Weeping Tiles? What's the best way to repair?

We have had a leaking basement fixed, but it still leaks in the corner. The company is saying our tiles are clogged and they have to clear them out down the whole... See more

Does this seem normal following a basement leak repair

About 3 weeks ago we had the basement dug out on part of the side and back of the house. The dirt was high after the work, but the workmen said it would sink over the... See more
q does this seem normal following a basement leak repair

Plant suggestions for 12x3ft long space?

I'd like a garden. It is about 12 foot long and about 3 feet wide. What shrubbery plants might you suggest? I'd like some nice colour in there too. Our house is... See more