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DIY Headboard for Under $30

For the price tag, this is one of my favorite projects. It took about an hour and it was so cheap. The results are just amazing and I love the fact that I can change the look of the headboard later down the line. If I want to go with a different color then I can reupholster using a different fabric. If I want to add some bling, then I could always use nail heads or button tufts. The possibilities are endless. More details with the cost breakdown can be found on our blog. Here's how we did it:

diy baseball bat growth chart for nursery, bedroom ideas, crafts, how to, wall decor, woodworking projects

DIY Baseball Bat Growth Chart for Nursery

My best friend wanted a baseball themed nursery and loved the idea of a baseball bat growth chart. I told her that I would make it for her. Turns out, it was pretty simple. I'll show you how with this step-by-step tutorial.

diy house numbers modern plywood, curb appeal, diy, outdoor living, woodworking projects

DIY Modern Plywood House Numbers for FREE

I’m on a roll with plywood. It’s my wood of choice at the moment. That may be because we finally own a jigsaw and I’m getting comfortable using it. I’ve been brainstorming ideas to make our front and back outside areas more homey. I came up with DIY House Numbers. We didn’t have any house numbers, so I wasn’t replacing any. We managed to make these for free which is HUGE with house renovations. So, if you want a fun little tutorial, follow along.

how to clean a mattress, cleaning tips, Step 4 Enjoy your fresh clean mattress

How To: Clean a Mattress

Did you know that you should and can clean a mattress? I sure didn't but when I cleaned it...the results were great. It was super easy and quick.

umbrella patio upcycle diy paint, diy, outdoor living, painting, patio, repurposing upcycling

Upcycle an Old Patio Umbrella to a Beautiful Painted One!

We had an old faded umbrella that looked bad, but was structurally strong. We didn't want to throw it out, but knew that it definitely needed an update. With paint and time, we transformed it into a beautiful statement piece for our patio. See more pictures and details on my blog.

how to cut bamboo blinds shades, how to, window treatments, windows

How To Cut Bamboo Blinds/Shades

What do you do when you find bamboo blinds/shades on clearance but they are too big for your windows? You cut them of course! This simple tutorial will show you how!

a glimpse of what a home blogger s house looks like everyday

A Glimpse Of What a Home Blogger's House Looks Like Everyday

I teamed up with a great group of blogger's last month to share what our homes look like day-to-day. Most blog readers, social media users, etc., don't want to see someone else's clutter when they are looking at a home decor picture. So, that clutter, the toys, the DIY mess.. it all gets picked up before the photos get taken. Sometimes though, that sends a negative message to all. It makes it seem like all houses are always cleaned up which is totally not true. So today, here's a real glimpse of what my house looks like day-to-day.

outdoor patio on a budget

Outdoor Patio on a Budget

We have a great backyard but have never really put a ton of effort into our patio. Most of the furniture and pieces out there had been thrifted or found at garage sale and had been overly used. This year, we decided to put a bit of time and effort into our patio space to see if we could get a space that we really loved.

what a ductless mini split will cost you

What a Ductless Mini Split Will Cost You

I'm always curious to see the cost and behind the scenes on upgrades in houses. Because of this, I thought I'd share why we had a ductless mini split installed, how it was installed and what the all in cost was.

how to keep a fiddle leaf fig alive

How to Keep a Fiddle Leaf Fig Alive

I've had two fiddle leaf figs for over a year and they are going strong! I thought I'd share what has been working for me since so many people have problems keeping Fiddle Leaf Figs alive. Fiddle leaf fig trees aren’t the easiest plants to care for if it’s your first rodeo but they are definitely not as hard as some make it seem. I actually did a great round-up of EASY Houseplants if you’d like to start with a few that are hard to kill! But, trust me... you can learn to keep a fiddle leaf fig alive too.

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