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Start Your Own Apple Trees From Seeds

Yesterday, it took me about 90 minutes to make a quart of homemade applesauce and start a small orchard of apple trees from seeds at the same time. Here is why and how I did it.
Eddie and I want fruit trees down on our property. The more the better. This is why I never, ever throw out fruit tree seeds. Last January, I tested the theory of growing apple trees from seeds and now we have 56 baby apple trees and 11 baby lemon trees (ranging from 4-10 months old) growing in our backyard. Will they ever produce? I have no idea, but that is not the point. We still have much to learn about raising fruit trees. The point is that (since we have nothing to lose but a little time) whenever we wash, peel, core, and cook up apples for applesauce (or pie or whatever), we don’t just compost those cores! No, no. We harvest the seeds and perform the steps in the link below. (Most folks have these inexpensive items on hand, so the cost is for this project is $0.)

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Start Your Own Lemon Trees From Seed

The process to start your own lemon trees from seeds is much like the process for starting your own apple trees from seeds. The difference is temperature. Apples like it COLD and lemons like it HOT … well, warm, anyway. But before we begin, let me clarify that this was just an experiment! We are aware that these pretty little trees will not produce fruit that is true to the parent (which was never the goal), and in fact, they might not produce at all unless properly grafted. We acknowledge that we still have much to learn about fruit trees, and as we learn more, we will share it with you. I plan to study up on grafting over the winter. Nonetheless, these little trees make lovely house plants and have a pleasant scent. So although they may never produce a thing, they are still fun to have around! Please do not interpret this article to mean more than is intended. Thanks!
Digressing, I did not think to take a lot of photos of the entire process when I did this, because at the time, I wasn’t blogging. However, I will soon go buy some lemons, photograph the process, and edit this post so you can see it as it happens. For now (since I have folks asking), click the link below to see all the steps.

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Fresh Herb Jars as a Handmade Gift - Plan for Next Year Now!

This post may be too late for this past Christmas BUT it is right on time for next Christmas! Why is that? Because if this is a handmade gift you would like to give next year, then you need make a spot in the garden and order the right seeds for it this Spring! Check out our latest post on the blog "Fresh Herb Jars as a Handmade Gift." Click the link below the photos for complete instructions!

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Raising Worms for Castings - Part 2

In this post, we discuss how Eddie and I got passed the first worm disaster, and instead, opted for building and installing a worm tower in the garden. The goal was to have 100s & 100s of red wigglers eating our kitchen scraps to generate a wonderfully nutritious fertilizer for our veggie garden. But we didn't want to have to deal with their poo. We also wanted them in their natural habitat (in the ground) so they would not freeze in winter AND so they could serve their second intended purpose -- to aerate the soil. It is simple to build and install and once in place, there is no poo management. The worms do the work of spreading poo throughout the garden. Check out this post for detailed instructions for this simple half-day project. (You can make three towers from a $27 pipe so they average out to less than $10 each or repurpose the leftover pipe in another project.)

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Expanding a Window Sill With a Two Legged Table

This post is about why and how to use a two legged table to expand a window sill and use it to harvest all the winter sunlight you can for your plants. Laugh if you want, but yes, there are times (if you are thinking creatively) that a two legged table just might be useful. The goal is to repurpose some old pieces of wood with the intent of maximizing the winter sun's rays coming in through the windows. (Cost based on new sheet of 1/4 plywood and one 2x4 which can make several shelves, depending on measurements. We had these on hand, so it cost us nothing. Time includes application of water repellent.)

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Project Plan for a Homestead From Scratch

Eddie & I are starting our homestead quite literally from scratch. We bought land that has no structures at all ... not a cabin, a barn, not even a fence. No utilities -- no water, electric, gas ... nothing. Not even an outhouse. We really ARE starting from scratch. It is going to be a LONG row to hoe and it will take years to make it fully operational. Come join us on this incredible journey! Click the link below (below the photos) to see what we are planning THIS year. While you are there, look for the link to "A Homestead From Scratch" in the first paragraph to see what we have already accomplished in years passed. That will get you all caught up! Glad to have you following!

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Crocheted Dish Scrubbie Pattern

Can you crochet and read a pattern? Then go buy some "net fabric" (10 yard length) and get going on this simple dish scrubbie pattern. These little scrubbies can stand up to the toughest jobs and they are cheaper than store bought scrubbies. And they only take minutes to make!

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How To Further Your Garden Plans In Winter

Are you already itching to be in the garden? Are you totally missing it yet? I sure do. But there are ways you can stay busy furthering your garden plans even in the dead of winter. Check out our latest post "How To Further Your Garden Plans In Winter." Just click the link below the photo.

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Installing an Indoor Watering System for Seedlings

Starting seedlings indoors in late winter? There is an easy way to keep them watered, ya know! Check out this post for how to install an indoor watering system on the cheap! If you do not already have what you need, at most, it will run around $30. Click the link below the photos for detail!

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11 Fun & Creative Artsy Craftsy Holiday Decorating Ideas

I just love the holidays and I love all the artsy craftsy things that folks create to celebrate the holidays. In this post, I have gathered 11 of my favorite artsy craftsy decorating ideas and I give you links so you can go see how they were made. Review my quick descriptions at the link below the photos and click through to the ones that intrigue you. Most of them are easy and can be done cheaply or free. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

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